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Friday, September 24, 2010




This weekend in Fayetteville, AR will be a HUGE SEC matchup between Alabama and the Arkansas Razorbacks and I GET TO GO!!!! WOOT!!!

I am so pumped about this. I have tickets to all of the home games and I typically enjoy them but sometimes would just prefer to watch it on tv but NOT this weekend. I want to be there in person when we BEAT ALABAMA!!!

It isn't going to be easy and honestly if we want to win we are going to have to give it all we've got and more and hope that AL isn't on it's A game.

I am very hopeful though for some reason. I just really think we can pull it off. I HAVE FAITH IN MY RAZORBACKS!!!!!!
If you want to tune into what I believe to be a great football game you can catch it on CBS at 2:30 central time zone on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am slacking.

Man, I am slacking in the blogging department. No reasons just haven't done it.

All is well though. Chloe has found her way in Kindergarten and seems to be enjoying it. It is hard to get out of her each day something that she learned. Of course I ask 1000 questions but only bet 1-2 responses. I know what thing she has learned and that is "patterns." She said "Mom, you want to know what a pattern is?" I said "sure." Then she proceded to show me a CMCMCMCM. Which is her first and last initial (glad she knows that). I was so proud of her. Now she points out any type of patter on anything. In fact she even pointed out the peace sign pattern on her new rain boots to me this morning. YAY!! Glad she is learning something at least. Oh and she did learn about money, change that is, and how much each is worth. YAY, that is WAY more important that patterns.

I am loving that it is finally cooling off a bit. I hate the hot weather. I am SO ready for fall to be in full force then I don't mine winter either. Remind me I said that when I am complaining about how cold it is.

Football season has started too and we are in full force. It isn't bad actually. J's team won the first game and tied the 2nd game, they don't do tie breakers in 8th grade football. It is practically a win in my book b/c they came back from a 14-0 defecit and 8th graders just don't usually do that so this was BIG!! It was the most action I have seen in an 8th grade game...EVER.

ok, so that is our life in a nut shell. All is well.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pig show

We had the county fair pig show on Wednesday, September 1st. We weren't really sure if Chloe was going to show, willingly at least, she kept talking the night before and morning of the show how scared she was. This girls gets SO nervous with anything out of the norm and although she had pracited this for weeks it wasn't with other people in the ring or with anyone watching her. This time was different.
She placed 6th with one pig and 8th with one pig but she gets blue ribbons b/c she was in the top part of the class.

Later, her and Lizzie showed in the Pee Wee Showmanship division and Lizzie was all GRINS. She LOVED it.