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Friday, July 27, 2007

What I ate, Thursday

Here is another sample of what I ate on Thursday:

B - 1/2 cup fiber one cereal, 1 cup of skim milk, 1 banana
S - apple and a protein drink
L - Smart ones three cheese ziti, 1/2 sliced cucumber, 1/2 avocado (I love to put the smashed avodado on the cucumber slices)
S - south beach diet chocolate mint protein bar, 100 cal pack of kettle popcorn
D - lean cuisine deep dish pizza, 1/2 cup cooked carrots, 1/2 cup steamed broccoli

Total calories = 1418

Exercise - ab/core workout and 30 minute FIRM step dvd

I don't really recommend eating two frozen dinners in one day mainly b/c of the sodium content and it is just better to eat "real" food. But, in a pinch it is better than eating something that you shouldn't.

Exercise - I am making time for it!

I have really been struggling in the making time for exercise department. I am still adjusting to life with two young kids along with all of the other household chores and other commitments that come along. I have realized that I MUST get the exercise in early in the morning or it simply WILL NOT get done. My goal for this week was to do 2 weight lifting days and 3 cardio days. I was off to a slow start with only 1 weight day on Tuesday and Mon. and Weds. off. I made myself do my ab/core workout last night after the girls went to bed and I also did a 30 minutes FIRM step tape. I did get up early this morning and headed to the gym to do my 2nd weights day. So I am 3/5 now. I am going to jog in the morning and then either jog or do step aerobics on Sunday. I love exercising once I get started it is just getting started that is the hard part and scheduling or taking time out of your day to do it when you either want to just sit or to do something else. It is worth it though and I know it is a critical part to this healthy and fit journey that I am on.

Get off the couch or out of bed and exercise this weekend. Even if it for 15 minutes. Anything is better than nothing. You will be so glad you did.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cute little Lizzie

My friend educated me on how to upload pics so here goes:

what i eat

I said that I would post a menu of what I eat on an average day. Here is what I am eating today. I stay between 1450 and 1650 calories depending on if I exercise or not.

8:15 B - 6 whole strawberries = 22
9:00 B - 1 cup cooked quick oats = 138
10:30 S - 5 baby carrots = 19
12:15 L - smart ones angel hair marinara = 240
deli turkey = 60
avocado = 289
1/2 cup iceburg lettuce = 4
10 cherry tomatoes = 36
for lunch I ate the smart ones plus I put mashed avocado in the deli turkey and sliced it in pin wheel type things and cut the cherry tomatoes in half and put this over the lettuce. Then I just ate it like a salad w/ no dressing. I had some leftover avocado and I just ate that plain. My lunch was very good and very filling.

3:00 S - south beach diet protein snack bar, chocolate mint flavor = 100
(these taste an awful lot like thin mint cookies with some nutritional value. 5 g of protein and 5 grams of fiber)

4:00 S - 1oo calorie kettle popcorn = 100

6:00 D - 2 slices wheat bread = 130
1 serving deli turkey = 60
1 slice of cheese = 114
1/2 slice cucumbers = 8
1 cup watermelon = 49
3 slices of tomato = 13
(tonight I will eat a sandwich at my financial class. they have chips and cookies but I just pass those up and eat the sliced cucs and watermelon which I love both of those so that is easy.)

9:00 S - protein shake = 141
1 tbsp of jif simply peanut butter = 95
1 la tortilla factory low carb tort = 50
(I will eat this after my run and ab/core workout)

For a grand total calories for the day of 1666

When you eat a lot of fruits and veggies then you really get to eat a lot b/c they are so low in calorie. I also space my food out so that I am eating every 2-3 hours. This keeps my metabolism working, also doing this I don't every really get hungry b/c I am keeping my body fueled. I do eat like this most days with a few variations. I will post another menu another day.

Hmmm, not sure what to title this. Just a little bit of everything.

Let's see what is going on in the Mabry Mayhem today. J and I have our financial class tonigh, which we are loving. We totally recommend this class, Financial Piece University. It is information from Dave Ramsey, www.daveramsey.com he teaches you how to get out of debt and stay out of debt and invest your money so that you can have a lot of money down the road. He believes in cash only and NO CREDIT CARDS!! It is just such a great program on how to budget your money. We recommend it if you are single, just married or married for 30 years. I promise you will learn something. Anyway, that class is tonight so my dear friend, Tara, is going to do the swim lessons with Chloe. Chloe is excited to get to do them with her. They will have so much fun I am sure. Last night her 2nd swim lesson went great. She would not go down the slide though but I am thinking by the time this is over with she will ge the courage. We also went to ride horses last night at our friends arena. Chloe always loves that and mom and dad love it too. Just nothing like being back in the saddle. It had been over a year for me. Kind of like riding a bike though, you never really forget how to do it you are just a little rusty or off balance at first.

I did not get up to exercise this morning. I don't know why I didn't. I woke up at 5:30 so I should have just gotten my bootie up out of bed. Instead, I thought I needed to sleep until 6:30. Oh well, I will just do my quick run tonight and do my ab/core workout afterwards. I will do this late in the evening after our class so it should be nice and maybe a little cooler. Maybe my new running buddy that I found in my neighborhood will be out then.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothing like an early morning workout!

I did it. I struggle with these but love doing them at the same time. With Jeremy's help this morning I woke up at 5:45 and got ready and made it to the gym by 6:15. As soon as the alarm went off he nudged me and continued to nudge me until I stood up out of bed. I thank him for that b/c I just need that slight little push and the words "get out of bed get out of bed get out of bed" in order to make that difficult leap from lying down in the warm comfy bed to my feet on the ground. Once I get that far then I am ready to go. I did my stregth training workout this morning then just showered at the gym. It feels so good to get it out of the way. Now, I feel energized and strong the rest of the day. I will say that it is not easy but it is worth it.

So get your bootie out of bed in the morning and get your day going with a little exercise. Even if it is 15 minutes early and you go to your living room and do knee lifts, kicks, jumping jacks and push ups and sit ups. Anything is better than nothing and you will be thanking your self later for making the commitment and just doing it!!

Chloe's first swim lesson.

Last night Chloe had her very first official swim lesson. She did GREAT! We ended up doing the parent / tot class where I get in the water with her. She was kicking her legs on her back and her stomach and put her chin in the water and even blew bubbles. She also put her head back in the water and got the back of her head wet. We made some major progress. The water felt great, this was just so fun for both of us. Then came time to jump of the side of the pool, she was a little hesitant and I let her hold my finger and jump to me. Then, we went to the deep end so the kids could jump off the diving board. She walked to the end where she could see the lifeguard there ready to catch her she peeked over and then looked at me standing to the side cheering her on and then turned around. I got on the diving board with her and encouraged her to the end and then kind of gently dropped her down. The best part came after the lesson was over and she did not want to leave the pool. We played in the water for 1 more hour. She jumped off the side into my arms probably 50 times. I swear she just kept repeating and repeating it. She also wanted to play with these other girls that were probably 8 & 10. She kept asking them to "watch me, watch me" jump off the side of the pool. It was the sweetest thing. Finally, I said one more jump then we have to leave and then she headed to tell the other girls "bye". She is miss social...I wonder where she gets that?

These are the times that make your heart go pitter pat and you just can't get the smile off your face when you see such joy in your children.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My eating / exercise summary for last week 7/16 - 7/23

Each Monday I turn in a report to my on-line personal trainer (OLPT) and she evaluates it and sends me feedback. I felt really good about this past week. My eating was as close to perfect as I am probably going to get. I ate LOTS of fruits and veggies so that goes towards the clean eating that I strive for. I love this time of year with the fresh ones from the garden. A few days I actually did not get in enough calories which wasn't good but with all of the fruits and veggies at low calories I felt like I was eating A LOT and I didn't want to eat just to eat. My OLPT will probably ding me for that and tell me to eat a tablespoon of peanut butter before I go to bed next time. See, I know what to do, I don't know why I just didn't do it. My exercise was good but I should have gotten in one more day. I did 2 days of strength training and 2 days of cardio (jogging) and core workout on those days too. I did well but I wanted to get in one more day of cardio, maybe FIRM step aerobics tape. I will make a point to do that this week. 2 strength training days and 3 cardio days, that is my goal and I know how my OLPT likes goals. I have set one for this week.

I will try to post a menu of what I eat daily occasionaly so that you can see sample.

Take care and get out there and EAT CLEAN AND EXERCISE!!!

What a productive weekend!

WOW!! You would not believe how hard my hubby worked this weekend. Along with some wonderful help from his FABULOUS brothers we were able to almost completely remove the tree from our back yard that we cut down the weekend of April 1st. Yes, almost 4 months ago. I am looking at this as a better late than never thing. In all honesty, we have been busy since daughter #2 was born and it was on that Sunday, April 1st. Jeremy and his family had gotten a great start on it then but it was interrupted by the birth of our daughter, good excuse though to stop working on the tree. Anyway, it really doesn't matter, the fact is that it is almost all gone. One trip to the waste place in Fayetteville where you can take yard things like this and it is gone for good. We actually have a big back yard. YEAH!! Perfect for some hanging balls (a new outdoor game we play, some people call it lawn golf or ladder golf, but of course we call it hanging balls) or possibly perfect for a swingset that we need to buy for our two darling daughters. Jeremy mowed and weed eated his little heart out too. He did the entire ditch thing in our back yard and I raked all of the tall grass and limbs as he went along. Whew, so glad that is done. Now we are going to round up it so he won't have to do that again. Anyway, our place is shaping up which is nice since it is almost time for football to start, next Monday in fact. I will be a coaches wife widow at that point. UGH! Oh well, that is what I signed up for so I will roll with the punches.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Make yourself PROUD TODAY!

As most of you know when you are eating healthy and exercising it is often difficult to keep it up through the weekend. It always seems so much easier during the week when you are on a regular schedule. At least it is for me. In the past I have never been a weekend exerciser. I always thought the weekends were my time off. I think I looked at exercise like it was punishment instead of rewarding and making me healthy. In the past before daughter #2 I was able to get in my 3-4 days a week of exercise during the week and not on the weekends. Well, those times have changed and now that I have DD#2 (darling daughter #2) I am so busy during the week and often very tired. Therefore I have had to start taking some of my days off during the week and exercising on the weekends. I started this weekend off right by getting up and going jogging. I knew that I wanted to last night before I went to bed but I wasn't sure that I would actually do it. DD#2 woke up at 7:30 so I fed her and got her back in her swing where she quickly falls back to sleep. Then I laid there and laid there thinking to myself I really need to get out of bed and jog. Think of how much better you will feel if you just get up out of bed and do it. Finally, at 8:20 I rolled myself out of bed and got dressed and was out the door for a good 1 1/2 mile jog. YES, I DID IT on a SATURDAY MORNING. Man, I am proud of myself. Not only did I do my body good but I did my mind good as well. Just knowing that you did it for yourself in order to make yourself more healthy and fit...it is just such a great feeling. I started the weekend of with a BANG. My eating has been on target so far today too so no turning back now. I plan on doing some step aerobic tomorrow with one of my FIRM workouts or I might jog, or who knows, I might do both. WATCH OUT here comes Dawn. Those size 8's are getting closer and closer by every bite and every bit of sweat that falls of my nose.

I encourage you to get out there and do something that you don't normally do to make yourself proud today. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I am really doing this. I have no idea how this will go or if I will ever even keep it up. I figure if I don't then know one will really care. I thought this would be a great place to share my family and my life with MY friends and family. I originally thought I would start a blog to chronicle my journey to being fit and healthy. I have followed so many other people's blogs of which I have no idea who they are, just to read what they have to say and to be able to understand and relate to the struggles they have with making being healthy and fit a part of their life. With all of us who have struggled with this we know that it is not easy but it is absolutely worth it.

I never struggled with weight during high school. I was active and ate relatively well and I really never thought about it then after graduation things changed. I no longer played tennis daily and with fast food and sodas you might say that Dawn became a little CHUNKY. Well, I am flattering myself...lets say A LOT CHUNKY! Anyway, time went by and time went by and I always wished I was in shape and thin but I never did anything about it. Well, two years ago 8 months after the birth of my daughter I decided to do something about it. In one year I lost 54 pounds and went from a size 18 to an 8. Size XL shirts to a M. I did this by watching my calories, eating lean meats, fruits and veggies 95% of the time and I took up jogging and doing the FIRM. I think I was a size 8 in 9th grade. What a great moment to slip on those single digits. Then shorty after reaching my goal I became pregnant which we were very excited about it just happened really quickly. Then I gained too much weight and now after the birth of my second daughter in April I am back on my quest to be healthy and fit. This time around I am really trying to focus on fitness with weight lifting and cardio mixed in along with making clean healthy eating a forever long lifestyle for me and hopefully my family as well. With the help of my on-line personal trainer I am doing this. I am becoming PHIT-N-PHAT. For encouragement and tons of knowledge go to her website: http://www.freewebs.com/loggies_mom/ I am loving this on-line personal trainer thing b/c it really puts everything in your hands she just gives you the expert knowledge that you need to do it. Let me say that it can be done without a trainer as well, I would know b/c a year ago I did it and I was very happy with my results. I can't wait to see the results I will get though by following this thought out well laid plan given to me by Corinne.

For now I am going to stop, I could probably write for hours. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will do that. Plus, I will be sharing things about my family along the way too so you all can see and hear about my wonderful hubby and beautiful daughters.