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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am SO MUCH better!

It has taken me some time but I am feeling better. My neck has dramatically improved, my foot seems to be doing o.k. and my congestion is pretty much gone. With these three things on the up and up it just totally changes how I feel and my attitude. I was just in a slump last week b/c my body was feeling so bad.

I have been putting a heating pad on my neck and upper back at night and then massaging it with an electric massager that I have (I love this thing) and then I repeat this process 3 times. A little heat then a little massage.

I continue to do the neti pot once a day and use a nasal spray. I am really hoping these two things each day might fend off sinus issues for a while to keep my nose clear for the runs.

I ran this morning on the TM for 25 minutes and I didn't have any foot pain during the run. I put it in ice water for 5 minutes while I ate my orange this AM and so far no pain but only time will tell how it will do.

I am off work Thursday and Friday and I have big plans to get some things done around the house. I will have to work hard and not much sitting around to make them happen.

My running plan for the rest of the week is:

Thursday - run for 40 minutes
Friday - off
Saturday - run for 70 minutes

Friday, November 21, 2008

Slight improvement

I am slightly better today. YEAH!! I think when you get to not feeling well and then you have a slight injury it just really brings you down. I went back to the chiro yesterday and he did some treatments on my foot and my neck and both feel better today. He suggested I take a few more days off from running to rest my foot and ice it twice a day and then with my neck he said to use bio freeze and also a heating pad at night before bed. I plan to run on Monday or Tuesday and continue to ice my foot throughout the marathon training. He told me this is not a permanent injury by any means but it might continue to bother me slighlty through my running but nothing I shouldn't be able to deal with. So that is good news.

I am actually looking forward to not running a long run this weekend. I will take advantage of my rest so that I will hopefully be able to hit it hard next week. The great thing is this is perfect timing for my half marathon that is in 2 weeks so the next two weeks are taper weeks with less running anyway so it works out perfectly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am struggling a little bit here!!! My congestion is slightly better but not great. I do still love my neti pot and I am amazed at what it gets out of my nose. I just wish it would go away completely. My neck is bothering me from dancing and holding my daughter last Saturday night at a wedding. She was a Momma's girl for 3 hours and wanted me to hold her and dance to every song. Although she is only 21 pounds I had to switch her from side to side and I know the strain of that has made me have a crick in my neck. I have been putting a heat pad on it at night for a while and then my husband has been using a massager to massage it. Although it is slightly better it is not completly well. UGH!! THEN, to make matters worse my right foot started bothering me Saturday afternoon after my 10 mile run. I did dance on it Saturday night and I know that really aggravated it then on Sunday it was swollen a tad. I went to the chripractor on Monday and he said it was an inflamed joint and that was fluid around it that was making it swollen. He said I just needed to put both of my feet in ice water after every run even if it was a 3 mile run. So I ran on Tuesday morning 2 miles and iced them and that went fine. Well, as of yesterday it feels like the pain has moved up into my ankle. So now I don't know what to think. It isn't bad just kind of uncomofortable. I just can't win right now.

So of course since I feel so blah and am aching in a few places I am questioning my ability to complete this marathon training. I am not even into the bulk of it yet and I am struggling. I just pray that my body will be able to withstand the pressure. So many other people do it so surely I can. I am just a little bit worried. I have thought about taking off this week and just resting and seeing how that does. Maybe that is what I need to do. I am just learning as I go here so I don't know what is best.

Running is such a mental game and your head can get in the way really easily and I think that is what is happening with me. I am going to have to just sort through this quickly and move on. UGH!!! Just frustrating!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Neti pot where have you been all of my life?

I have been having sinus congestion issues. Several weeks ago it persisted and developed into an infection and I had to get a cortisone shot and antibiotics. I was free and clear for about 2 weeks then it came back. Well, I didn't want to have to get antibiotics again and I also didnt' want to ride it out so I did some research and some asking around and realized I needed a neti pot. I have heard good things about them so I thought I would give it a try.

So far so good, I really like it. It is a weird thing to do and you actually put this saline solution in the pot then mix it with luke warm water then you stick the spout of the pot in one nostril and then tip your head to the side and water will run out the other side of your nose. Then you blow your nose and then do it to the other side. It is amazing all of the stuff it gets out. It has helped me to be able to sleep at night b/c I can breathe through my nose. I am also taking clairitin and a nasal spray so with those 3 things together I am on the mend. I plan to continue to use the neti pot at least once a day and maybe in the morning and night. It can't hurt you and if it keeps congestion at bay then it is worth it.

If you have sinus trouble often I encourage you to give a try. Just remember to do it over a sink and to breathe in/out your mouth. It gets easier and less uncomfortable each time you do it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visited the scale...finallly!

Well, it had been a while since I had weighed so I finally decided to step on the scale the other day and it was up 2 pounds. I am not upset or disappointed or anything though. In fact I am completely fine with it. The last time I weighed several weeks ago it was at 148.4 and then last Friday it was at 150.4.

I am switching my focus and continuing not to weigh very often. Since I am not in fat loss mode and am concentrating on the running and preparing myself and my body for the hard core marathon training that will ramp up in mid-December I just can't let myself get caught up in the number on the scale. Crossing a line of a marathon and checking my weight daily and stressing if it goes up just do not go together. I will have plenty of time, years in fact to tone up and get the fat off after March 15has come and gone. So for now, it is running and fueling my runs so my body can withstand the stress and pressure. I obviously hope to range from 148-153 over the next few months and I really think I will then after this is over IT IS ON with me and the weights and the fat burning!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

11 miles DONE!!

Woot!!! I did 11 miles this morning, my longest distance that I will do before my half marathon in December. I am glad to have that out of the way. I ran with a marathon training group today in town on a trail(paved) that I had not done before. I was a little worried that there would not be people there that went my speed but luckily there was a couple (boyfriend/girlfriend) and they went just my speed so it was GREAT!!! I actually did 8 miles with them. The training plan they are on that is all they had to do today then I did another 3 miles by myself. It went by pretty fast though so that wasn't bad. We started at 6AM!!!! It was a little rough getting up that early to get started but it was worth it and I was so glad I got it over with. I hope I can run with them in the future again. As long as that couple continues to run with them anyway. There were 2 other ladies but they went pretty fast. Much faster than I like to or can go. It was a GREAT trail though. I just really enjoyed the whole experience.

My girls are taking a nap. I had an awesome baked potato and some deer summer sausage for lunch now I am headed to the shower and going to lay down and possibly fall asleep myself.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shoot! I fizzled out.

I had such a great start to my week with 2 AM exercises in a row. Then Wednesday and Thursday I got lazy and did not get up. Soooooo I am having to make up for it tonight and I will do back/chest ST and an intenese 20-25 minute run on the TM tonight after I get home from J's football game and the girls are in bed. That is my plan! Now I just have to follow through.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great start to my week!

I have gotten up both Monday and Tuesday early to do my exercise. I FEEL GREAT!! The time change is good to me. It is light in the mornings much earlier and then my body just feels like it is later in the morning so just easier to get out of bed. I did 30 minute easy run on Monday and then shoulder ST workout today. Gosh, I feel so good just knowing I got it done.

My good has been on target too. I started working with a friend of mine that is a fellow Phit-N-Phater' named Trish, she has an on-line nutrition business called Phit Nutrition. Since I am venturing into the unknown of marathon training I thought I needed a little expertise in the food department so that I am eating enough and eating the right foods. I think I am really going to enjoy this.

I still havne't weighed. If you remember the last time I weighed was October 8th. I had planned to weigh on November 1st but I was doing a long run on that day and I don't make it a habit to weigh within several days of my long run just b/c the scale is always up so I am giving it a few days. I will most likely weigh on Thursday or Friday of this week though.

I have to gear up for a long run of 11 miles this weekend. Not sure exactly when I will do it but I will get it done for sure.