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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do you need some fat loss inspiration?

Check out this blog that I happened upon!!!

She reached a HUGE milestone of losing over 100 pounds. Plus, she did it a several days before she set her goal for. Nothing like reaching a huge goal EARLY!! She is still working at it but DANG, look how far she has come. No doubt she will continue on her journey and get to her final goal.

click here:
Just love stories like this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SHE'S HERE!!! Pics and labor story.

Harlie Dawn born Monday, May 9th at 5:30 PM. 7 pounds 15 oz. 19 3/4 inches long.

My due date was Wednesday, May 4th. That day came and went. I was still hopeful that she would come on her own before my Dr. had me set an induction date of Tuesday, May 10th. I had a Dr. appt. scheduled for Monday, May 9th at 11:45.

Saturday morning, May 7th around 1AM I started having contractions and they got to be every 30 minutes for several hours then during the day on Sunday they eased up a bit but I still had them periodically. I went to bed Sunday night and had them all night long. They started at 45 minutes a part then went to 30 then got as close as 12 minutes a part but never closer than that. I endured them all night long though. I called my Dr. Monday morning to see if I could come in early to have him check me. I went in at 9:30. Got in to see him at 10 and he informed that I had dilated t0 4cm!!!! YAY!!! I was THRILLED!!!! I had started labor on my own so it was time for him to check me in. If you are 4cm they will admit you.

I started out in the ER triage room for a bit then around noon they put me in a room. Luckily, my contractions had eased up a bit from 9-1. I was glad b/c I had endured so many for the previous 36 hours that I was ready for the contraction break.

Around 1:45 they gave me an epidural. Then around 2:15ish they broke my water then they started giving me pitocin to start up my contractions again. I started progressing again and contractions continued to get closer and closer together and at 5:25 I was at a 10 and ready to push. I pushed for 5 minutes and she was OUT!!! YAY!!!! She did have the umbilical cord around her neck twice and the Dr. had to cut it so J wasn't able to but that was fine. The cord just got around her neck as she started to come out so she was a little blue at first but quickly got her breath and was fine.

The best part is that I did not tear nor did they have to cut me. I have NO STITCHES!!! It is WONDERFUL!!!

I have of course had after pains in my abdomen, some very strong but it is getting better now from my uterus but no other discomfort.

This time around again my milk didn't come in. Long story actually but I didn't get it with either of the other two so I assumed it wouldn't come in this time either. I am actually glad about it, I always planned on formula feeding anyway and I don't have to endure the milk coming in or drying up process.

So that is how it all went down. I couldn't have scripted it any better. It went just as I had hoped.

Harlie is very healthy and her sisters are so IN LOVE!!! They can't get enough of her. We hold her all we want and love on her and talk to her. She is so sweet! We are truly blessed!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

40 weeks and 1 day pregnant!! Belly pic!

Yes, I AM STILL PREGNANT and doing pretty well for the most part. Just waiting as patiently as possible for her to arrive when she is good and ready. My Dr. prefers that I not go over a week past my due date so I do have an appt. next Tuesday morning to be induced if necessary.

Although, I am still very hopeful (optimistic) that she will come no her own before then as both of my other children came on their own with no problems and I had relatively easy/smooth deliveries. Either way though she will be here between now and Tuesday so I see the light at the end of the tunnell and it looks good.

Here is a picture of my 40 week belly.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st! Three days until the due date!

My due date is in three days on Wednesday, May 4th. I am just like every other pregnant person out there that ever lived and I am hoping that she comes BEFORE the due date. No pregnant person wants to make it to that dreaded 40 week appt. and still be pregnant. I went past my due date with Chloe, 4 days past. I went 3 days before my due date with Lizzie and that was nice. I was hoping that since this was my 3rd that I might go even earlier than with Lizzie. Of course I haven't made it to the due date just yet so I am still holding out hope. We are just so ready to see her and start getting adjusted to our new life with three little girls.

I am feeling pretty good for the most part considering I am approaching 40 weeks. I could be a lot worse. I have also been sleeping really well the past few nights which seems odd to me and I have had a lot of energy and I got a lot of stuff done at work on Friday and then a lot of stuff done at home on Saturday. I even made it up for early church then Sunday school this morning so that was actually nice to get up and get around.

I have had a few contatractions over the weekend but nothing regular at all. I will be sure to keep you updated on how things move along. Pray for an easy and smooth delivery that ends up with a very healthy baby.