"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Monday, March 29, 2010

Come on FOCUS, I need ya now!

I have been MIA for several days. Work has been crazy busy then home life is ALWAYS crazy busy with two little munchkins running around. One of my sweet munchkins, Lizzie, will turn THREE on Thursday, April 1st. WOW WOW WOW!! My how the good times fly by. Can't believe she is THREE.

I am doing well. The scale moved down this week FINALLY to 134 flat on Saturday morning. WOOT!! I can tell too in my updated pictures. I am just getting smaller and smaller as the weeks go by and I have 11 weeks left before the competition.

I am 11 weeks out and I am READY for it to be here. It is getting harder as each day goes by. Keeping up with all of the exercise and keeping the food focus is TOUGH! I am not caving with the food by any means, I will not eat anything not on my plan, I feel confident about that BUT I have to fight myself constantly with it. I DO NOT regret making this committment at all and I know it is going to be 100% worth it (it is already worth it) but I tell ya I cannot wait to get back to normal everyday healthy balanced eating and a more normal liveable exercise schedule. I CANNOT WAIT!

Speaking of foods, you get a little deseperate for something other than meat or veggies so I made a protein cake concoction and it is GOOD and is like a bread/cake consistency. It helps hit the spot a little. I had attempted it before with water but finally realized you gotta use egg whites and it does so much better.

1 scoop of protein powder of choice (I have cake batter and I have tried chocolate too)
1-2 egg whites (do one and then add one more if needed, you just wanted it blended well)
1/2 tsp of baking soda
I add cinnamon just b/c I love cinnamon but you don't have to.

mix prot powd, egg whites and baking soda together and put in glass bowl and microwave for 2 minutes.

Then I take mine out and put additional cinnamon and some splenda on it. YUM! I think peanut butter would be good on it too if you can eat that.

I have pictures of this but they aren't posting. I will have to do that later. Plus, I might post an updated pic of me too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As you know I had a much needed cheat meal on Saturday night. I had been looking so forward to this for WEEKS and it did not disapoint. We went to my favorite pizza place and we had a shrimp/canadian bacon salad w/ FULL FAT ranch and crackers and then we had some pizza dip, it was SO GOOD and that totally satisfied my chip/dip craving that I always love and then it was time for the mushroom and hamburger pizza. It was DELICIOUS and totally hit the spot. Here I am with my BIG grin and my pizza. I only ate 2 slices of a small pizza so when I left there I was FULL but not miserable. YEA!! I was really worried about eating myself sick but I did not do that.

Lizzie wanted her picture taken with her pizza. Isn't she the cutest?

THEN...we went to my favorite ice cream place which actually serves chocolate and vanilla frozen custard so it is very creamy. I got what they call a concrete with chocolate custard and choc. chip cookie dough mixed in it. It was SO GOOD. Heaven on earth I call it.

I so appreciated this food a lot more since it had been so long since I have had it. I still like my clean healthy food though but to eat this on occasion is such a treat and something that you should do for yourself. Just think this food used to be my everyday food. Seriously, there was a time after this ice cream place openened that I went there THREE times a week, then I finally made myself cut down to two and then one time a week and now even when not prepping for a competition I still only go about once every 2-3 months if that. Hmmm, and I wonder why I was over 200 pounds...GO FIGURE!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Food, body fat and exercise.

I eat a lot of egg whites, chicken, veggies and protein powder...it can get old after a while so I do what I can to change things up or spice things up from time to time so that I can endure it for 12 more weeks (12 weeks out as of tomorrow. EEEK!).

I bought some new protein powder, cake batter flavored. I made some protein pancakes from a recipe that I got from another blog, The Weigh I Am. The protein powder was her suggsetion also and I LIKE IT!! She used cinnmon roll prot powder though and I used cake batter flavored. you can use any flavor though and she also uses coconut oil which I have heard is GOOD and I don't have any of that.

Regardless with my substittuions the protein pancakes still were very tasty: The brand of protein is Muscle Gauge Nutrition and I have heard the other flavors are very good as well. One of the plusses of this prot powd is that they use stevia as sweetener and not aspartame or some other not as heatlhy sweetener.

And for some sugar free, competition friendly maple syrup check this out that Genie figured out how to make. I havn'et made it yet but you can bet that I intend to.

I also got a recipe from Becca for a stir fry with egg whites. I made this the other night. YUM!! I also ate it last night so two nights in a row I liked it so much. Becca makes hers with a can of chop suey veggetables that you guy in the chinese food isle at the grocery store. I whipped up my own veggies at home with an onion, green bell pepper, cabbage and cauliflower and satueed them with olive oil spray and put in some soy sauce. Then I cooked 1 cup of egg whites scrambled and added some soy sauce to that then topped the egg whites with the veggies and OH SO GOOD!!! Becca also puts red pepper flakes on hers and I did that to mine last night and really liked it.

The egg whites give you the protien and take the place of the rice at the same time. This will be a new staple in my meal plan.

Body fat:
I took my body fat several months ago with an Omron handheld tester. Those things are not completely accurate at all but I obviously was hoping and assuming that it would go down over time even if the number wasn't correct.

There was a point in time in the summer that I took it and it registered at 33.8%
Then I took it again on October 30th and it was 31.9%
I took it Wednesday morning and it said 26.8%

SO YEA!! I am thrilled with the downward trend. I am pretty sure it wasn't as high to begin with and now it is even a tad lower than 26.8. I think the only really accurate thing to do is to do the submerged under water test or the bod pod thing but I don't know where I can do that around here and I am not sure I would want to pay for it. So I will just go with the Omron and hopefully watch the percentage get even lower.

My goal for March was to execise EVERY DAY!! Well, I haven't done that but I have gotten very close. Out of the 19 days in March so far I have exercised 16 of them. One of the three days that I missed I was not feeling well, one of them was last week on Thursday and I actually did do 20 minutes of cardio in the morning but I was SO TIRED that I went to lay back down on the couch. Then the third day I missed was this past Sunday after we got back from our weekend trip and I was tired and just opted out. so overall I am SO PLEASED with my 16 out of 19 days. I plan to continue and finish out the month strong!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am slowly shrinking!

I am getting there slowly but surely. Let's just hope there are enough days in the next 13 weeks and I make it to the stage.

I have followed Tim's ordered and NOT weighed myself although it is hard to not do that b/c I am in such a habit of it. I think it is best for my mind. It was really getting to me that it wasn't moving down when the true reality is that I just need to look smaller. That is it. If I am small enough at 130 pounds then so be it. After taking some progress pics this morning and comparing them to 2 weeks ago on March 1st I truly saw that the scale isn't the end all be all.

I hope you can see the changes that I see in the pics. On March 1st I was at 136 and today I should be close to the same thing if not the same thing. Possibly 135 on the scale (but I wouldn't know b/c I am not stepping on that scale).

Friday, March 12, 2010


per·se·ver·ance  - steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

THIS IS ME!!! In spite of the scale plateauing for what seems like forever but what has actually been about 3 -4 weeks I am still keeping on keeping on.

My exercise has been GREAT and consistent. My food has been completely on target with no wavering. My body is looking better I believe but the scale shows none of that. Which is why I do know it is only one small measure of success and when I say small I mean very very tiny.

It is bound to move when it is good and ready and like Becca said, when you are on stage no one knows your weight which is an excellent point and something I need to remember.

Tim has laid down the law and said NO WEIGHING! DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE!! So that is what I will do.

We are headed out of town this weekend overnight for a get away with some friends. We are going to watch some state title basketball games. Both boys and girls teams from our town are in the games and then a neighboring towns boys team also so we are going to cheer them on. Oh, and we are hitting up the horse races while we are there too. A couple of days with friends and no kids. WOOT!! Should be fun. I do have ALL of my food packed for tonight and all day tomorrow and I have my workout clothes with me to get in some cardio outside in the morning. I will do some running/walking on the golf course that we are staying near. NO REST for a bikini competitor. HA!

Have a great weekend ya'll and thank you again for all of the continued support and encouragement from those that comment on my blog to those that comment to me in person.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't really have anything important to say, I don't guess I ever do but I just thought I would check in here and let you know things are just moving along although they seem like they are creeping like the slowest turtle you know.

My weight hasn't budged my trainers tell me not to worry that it will come off. My husband swears I look smaller. I will just take his word for it.

For 2 weeks my body was adjusting to my new menu with some more carbs then now that has been taken away b/c I wasn't seeing progress on it so now I am adjusting to a much lower carb plan and today it took its toll with me being VERY SLEEPY this morning. SO SO SLEEPY!! I am thinking it will pass though when my body gets adjusted again. I did really well with the lower carb meal plan for 12 weeks so I will get back to feeling better.

I have been told to push the weights even more and lift heavier. I can do that. I have been at this for 15 weeks so I just gotta keep pushing my body a little more and more to get it to make the changes that it needs to. I am too close to stop now. 13 weeks will be here before we know it.

See, I told you this was random, I don't have much to report. I hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sickness and running

I was a tad under the weather on Sunday afternoon and Monday with some achiness, weakness and chills but I never had a fever. YEA. I seem to be on the mend today so hopefully I will continue this trend and be back to 100% by Thursday. My kids, Mom and Dad and husband all got a stomach bug and I am thinking my body might have been fighting it. Let's hope that is what it was at least and I beat it down and I am moving on.

The dang brief illness did put a hinge in my consistent exercise but such is life and I am fine with it. I had a GREAT workout on Saturday and Sunday and then I took Monday off. I was back up this morning taking it easy on the treadmill for 30 minutes though. I felt good enough to do that and my mind was glad I did it too.

Oh, speaking of exercising on Sunday. It was such nice weather that towards the end of my workout inside I said to myself "what I am doing in here?" I decided to hit the neighborhood for a mile run. IT WAS GREAT!! The weather was PERFECT and I felt so good getting out there for a good run. No dogs harrased me either which was bonus.

One of the biggest things I noticed was my weight. Last year (it was 1 year ago by the way almost to the date) when I ran the full marathon I weighed in at 158. Today I weigh in at 135ish and the difference in those 23 pounds and running is AMAZING!!!! WOW!! I was so shocked. It has been almost a year ( I know this is hard to believe) that I have gotten out and ran any sort of distance outside. I do run on the TM some at home but it is more walking at inclines and running here and there and upping and lowering the speed. It is a different feeling running outside and I can tell the difference in it now and I LOVE IT! It was just easier. This is not to say that you can't run/walk a marathon at any weight. You see ALL shapes and sizes on the course, trust me. I can assure you though that if you have the opportunity to drop a few pounds of fat before you start training it will greatly benefit you.

Friday, March 5, 2010


For the first time ever in my live I have done an AM cardio session for 7 days in a row! On one other occasion about 1 1/2 years ago I did 6 sessions in one week, I remember it very vividly b/c at that time that was my record. I have now surpassed that and completed 7 days of AM cardio.

The scale isn't moving but I could care less b/c I feel SO GOOD about what I accomplished this week with my exercise. The wonderful thing about this competition process is that you get so many other rewards. I have already talked about how much I enjoy the smaller clothes and just the way my existing clothes fit me and then the types of clothes I wear now that I never wore before is just such a bonus. Putting in a good workout and doing it consistently is equally as rewarding. I am bettering my health and my mind and I love that about this process.

Now, we know I typically take things day to day b/c it is very easy to get overwhelmed quickly with this process BUT I have decided to step it up a bit an I am going for a goal of exercising EVERY DAY in March. So that is 31 days straight! I have completed 5 days and I have 26 left. I know I can do it but boy I have to stay committed that is for sure.

Disclaimer - I only recommend this type of consistent day to day exercise if you are doing something like a competition. This is not a normal exercise schedule in someone's every day life. After the competition I will go back to 4-5 days of exercise each week which is doable for the long haul.

I will be exercising on Saturday and Sunday morning although I plan to get up a little later around 7 or 8 and not my usual 4:48 AM.

Have a great weekend and as I always say (words adopted from a fellow Phit-N-Phater), KEEP THE FOOD CLEAN AND THE WORK OUTS DIRTY!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st...already? Progress pics too!

Can you believe that 2 months of 2010 have passed already. CRAZY I tell ya!!
I am doing pretty well. This process is HARD to say the least. Typically very rewarding as I have said before b/c you often see changes in your body pretty frequently. Although, February was not one of those months for me. My weight went down about 3 pounds and my inches budged but not as much as I had hoped.

Of course you can only do so much and you cannot help how your body responds to what you are doing. As of last week I started a new menu that is carb cylcing and 3 days a week I eat 1500 cals, 3 days a week I eat 1200 cals and 1 day I eat a whopping 2000 calories in which I get to eat lots of oatmeal, brown rice and a sweet potato on that day in addition to lean meats and green veggies. So I know my body is adjusting to that. Also, I have gone up in my weights that I lift. Really trying to push the envelope with the weights since that is when you truly see the changes in your muscles. I have been working out 2 days a week at the gym with my husband as of last week and that really helps b/c he can spot me and help me along with a few lifts when my muscles get tired. As of Saturday I started doing cardio 7 days a week. I am 3/3 this week working out Saturday, Sunday and Monday so "YEA", I am off to a great start with that. I had to step it up to get this stubborn fat off b/c it is very comfortable right now it seems.
Oh and I continue to pass up on EVERY SINGLE MORSEL of food that is NOT on my plan. No licking of fingers or anything. My husband desperately wanted pizza last night and of course this is my choice to do this and I do not want others around me to feel like they have to eat chicken and aspargus constantly and he has not had pizza since the end of December so I said go ahead and order one for you and the girls but it has to be a small so you won't eat the entire medium pizza and there won't be any leftovers. He ordered it and picked it up and it totally hit the spot for him and the girls love pizza of course. I sat there and happily ate my chicken and aspargus and thought about how AWESOME I AM GOING TO LOOK ON STAGE IN A BIKINI. HA!
Speaking of the husband he has lost 10 pounds (some that he regained from last fall when he lost some) and is back on his plan as of this morning after having his pizza last night and is meeting me at the gym weekly now and even went to the gym today by himself. GO HUSBAND!!!
Here are some progress pics taken from today of me at 136.4 as of this morning. I am in my bra/panties and my sexy stripper heels. WOOT!