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Thursday, February 25, 2010


WOOT!!! Stripper shoes IN THE HOUSE! (no offense against strippers, but I think they wear these, these are some sexy shoes, they should wear them.)

Just slip these suckers on and you feel like a MILLION BUCKS!

I felt like a kid at Christmas time. I was SO EXCITED when I saw the box on the table and saw where it was from. I documented opening them and such. Then I had to go get on some shorts and a shirt so I could model them. J said I needs LOTS of practice. He is right. I have 15 weeks though. I will be a pro by then.

Not sure why this is underlined. Sorry.

I opened the box and they came in these individual pouches. HA.

Then I took one out and look at what I see. OMG!! Look at that heel.

Chloe was so excited. Probably b/c I was SO EXCITED. She wanted to take this picture. She did good, huh?

I slipped it on my foot for the first time. OMG!! I have to stand up AND walk around in these.

So I got on my shorts and here they are close up on my feet.

Then the "bikini pose" without the bikini.

The from behind shot.

And of course, last but certainly not least...the BOOTIE SHOT!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More food talk.

I had several people ask me about not eating fruit and why that was.

First, let me say that fruit is good for you and in the words of Corinne from Phit-N-Phat "You didn't get fat from eating too many fruits and veggies." She says this to people when they are like "can I have this fruit or that fruit or this veggie or that veggie." The answer is YES in 99% of the occasions. The 1% exception to that is if you are on a competitor diet and to my knowledge even that isn't always true all of the time.

This is just based of what I know as of now from watching a few people do this process and from what I have learned so far going through my own process. If you have a considerable amount of fat to lose (like I do) for a competition of some sort you want NO SUGAR whatsoever. Fruit has sugar, although it is natural sugar it is still sugar. I do think there are some competitors depending on what stage they are in of their prep period (and how much fat they have to lose) that do eat minnimal fruit but at some point they cut it out. Since I have a lot of fat to lose I don't have time to be messing around and I can't afford to have the fruit for even a few weeks so it has been no fruit for me for the last 12 weeks and will continue to be that way for 16 more weeks.

Also, NO DAIRY b/c of the sugars in that as well (I believe that is the reason).

In a normal meal plan even one where you are in fact trying to drop the fat YOU CAN have fruit and dairy and still lose weight. You wouldn't want to eat your weight in it of course but as everything you can have it in moderation and fruit is encouraged b/c of its nutritional value (in my opinion).

The competitor diet is extreme since you are in fact trying to stand on stage in a bikini. You gotta pull out all the stops. I can live without fruit and dairy if it gets me to the stage.

I tell ya, I appreciate the taste of my food and just healthy food in general through this process. Having limited variety and limited ways to cook things you truly learn the value of food and its purpose to fuel your body.

It blows my mind that I could go from eating 3-4 bowls of fruity pebbles in one night and sitting down in the recliner with a tube of cookie dough for dessert (just for the record I wouldn't eat the whole tube but maybe 1/3 of it...umm, that was enough) to what I am doing now.

NEVER SAY NEVER PEOPLE!! You are selling yourself short if you do.

Friday, February 19, 2010

FOOD!!! The stuff I miss.

As odd as it may seem, considering I spent about 13 years of my life overweight, the food part of the competitor process is rather easy for me. Now that I have had my healthy lifestyle mindset in place for about 4 years now and I know what types of food I have to eat to keep it just that, a lifestyle, I do not struggle with the strict diet I am on now (as of now anyway, that will probably be a different story about 4-6 weeks out). I am 16 weeks out now.

I just don't seem to be phased by tempations and I think it is purely from knowing what I want (basically having a goal and knowing what it will take to reach it) which is to stand on stage in a bikini and know that I did everything in my power to get there and in order to do that you CANNOT get off your plan and one little thing could trip you up b/c it might be what sends you into a binge of a bag of chips or 6 slices of pizza.

Two of my favorite splurge meals are pizza or chips and cheese dip and at this moment in time I don't even want them. I have a fear of them actually b/c I am SO FOCUSED and I am afraid one bite would end up with the whole pizza or 2 baskets of chips and 2 bowls of dip which would probably make me sick for one thing and would set me too far back in my process of getting to the stage (from a mental aspect mainly) Frankly, it isn't worth the 20 minutes of satisfaction that I would get from the taste of the foods to not reach my goal.

The thing is also that I don't eat those foods regularly when I am NOT in competition mode. I might eat them one time a week though and that is only if I feel like I have enough control to get back to my healthy plan. So by no means are those foods part of my everyday life anymore.

The foods that are slightly tempting to me are the foods that are part of my normal healthy maintenance diet.

This is the honest truth, the food that I miss the most are the healthy fruits and decently heatlhy carbs that I love that aren't on my plan at the moment.

STRAWBERRIES...OH MY! I love me some strawberries. I was cutting some of up for my husband and kids the other day and I wanted to pop about 5 of them in my mouth...but I didn't.

Apples...FUJI APPLES that is, the only kind in my book. The other day my husband had some of them sliced up and he had the nerve to wave it under my nose. I told him that was a quick way to lose a finger. I WANT AN APPLE so bad and some peanut butter on it would be bonus.

BANANAS!!!! Oh how I would love to slice up a banana and put it in a bowl of fiber one cereal with some skim milk. HEAVEN!! Or maybe just peel the banana and slather some peanut butter on each bite.

TORTILLAS, I love to put put a slice of cheese in a tort and melt in the microwave and dip it in salsa. Or also put a laughing cow wedge in it and top it with turkey pepperoni. YUM!

Last but certainly not least...SUGAR FREE MAPLE SYRUP, oh and some whip cream. I LOVE pancakes now, protein ones of course and although I have made some variations of them I do not put syrup on them at the moment and I can't wait until 16 weeks is up and I can. LOVE ME SOME SF MAPLE SYRUP and then you squirt some whip cream on them and it seriously taste like dessert.

Now that I have tortured myself I think I will stop with the food porn as it is often referred to. You can tell that I will be requesting a fruit tray after the competition and then I will hit up I-HOP for some pancakes and sf syrup and then I might stop by the Mexican place for some tortillas and cheese and I will probably have a basket of chips and cheese dip while I am there too. Maybe 2 baskets. HA

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Doing well...

Just a quick check in to let you guys know I am doing well. I am much busier in my job and my home life/exercise life/meal planning life now and I don't have as much time to update you guys on my progress and life is going for me.

I hope to in the near future do a blog about my food/diet thoughts and then also I want to do a day in the life of "Dawn the bikini competitor" with pictures and such. Maybe I can get to that in the near future.

As for now I am plugging along and eating what I know I should be eating and cardioing my heart out and lifting weights along the way too.

My weight is down to 136 flat. WOOT WOOT!!! I think I can say I am in the mid 130's and that feels GREAT.

I am 16 1/2 weeks out from the competition.

I plan on giving it EVERYTHING I HAVE GOT during these 16 weeks. I have come too far now to stop and I don't want to come up short and end up not looking like I belong on stage. At this point that would be way too disappointing so I intend to do what I need to do to make that not happen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Focus is what I am in need of now. No worries. I have not fallen off the wagon or into a bowl of cheese dip or a basket of chips. Although, I did notice on my trip to Target today that they have CHOCOLATE TWIZZLERS!! I swear I was NOT in the candy isle, I just went by it and I looked down there and the chocolate twizzlers caught my eye. Thankfully, I am focused enough to not buy those and I am not a big candy eater, a basket full of chips and cheese dip are more my thing.

See, I already lost my focus here just typing this blog.

FOCUS is what I need. I only have 17 weeks people. Well, 17 weeks and 2 days. That is it and then it is GO TIME/SHOW TIME!! Stand on stage in a bikini and 5 inch heel time. ACCKK, EEEKKKK, OH MY!!

I have been at this for 10 1/2 weeks now and I have done pretty well. Down 12 pounds of FAT! WOOT and several inches. I have made great strides from where I was 10 weeks ago BUT I have further to go. This is where the going gets TOUGH. I have to dig deeper into my dedication and commitment stash and make this happen.

It is not the food although I have realized the extra few almonds I am eating here and there could be affecting me. I can't do that. If I am hungry I need to up the veggies during the 6 meals I get each day. I can eat my heart out on green peppers and cucumbers if I must and NOT almonds. They are just so easy and quick and man, they taste good. Funny, the things you appreciate when your diet consist of few items.

The exercise is where I have always stumbled. I know I know I trained for a marathon and you wonder how this could be. Well, when I trained for that I would run 4 days a week and that was it. 3 of those runs were about 40 minutes and the 4th one was anywhere from 2-4 hours. This time around I basically have to get in 300 minutes of cardio each week which averages out to an hour 5 days a week and then 5 ST sessions per week which take about 30 minutes. DAMN! It exhausts me just looking at it. Pushing through when I am tired or sleepy is what I have not mastered and there is no time to waste.

Consistently making time for this is my challenge. Working full time and taking care of 2 young kids and keeping a house straight and laundry and food in the fridge (these are priorities for me, I cannot function in a cluttered/dirty house) and going about my life with commitements some evenings and on the weekends. It is just hard. I am not making excuses b/c I chose this. I chose to accept this challenge and I intend to follow through with it. I am going to have to let some things go to the side for 17 weeks I think so that I can make this happen. I have a possible new strategy though and that is walking around the house in my 5 inch heels and short shorts and cleaning and then my husband will follow and he will be forced to clean with me. Sounds good, huh?

He is helpful if I ask him so I am just going to have to give him a chores list I think and say if you want me on stage in a bikini then these are your jobs.

As for shoes. I don't have them yet but here is what they look like. WOOT WOOT!! I am going to need some SERIOUS practice in these. I promise to post some pics of me cleaning and cooking wearing my sexy shoes. This will be a sight to see I can assure you.

Thanks again for all of the positive feedback and encouragement. You have no idea how much it helps me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Newsflash...SIZE 6

SIZE 6 SIZE 6 SIZE 6!!!!

OH YEA!! Size 6 pair of jeans on my bootie today! The first time that has happened since I was an early teenager. I don't recall wearing a 6 but I am certain I did at some point in my junior high years. What a GREAT feeling this is.

A friend had given me these jeans almost a year ago b/c they were too big for her and I have tried them on several times between then and now and they wouldn't even button a year ago and then they have slowly been getting close as the months went on and TODAY I am finally able to wear them out of the house and they fit perfectly.

I have a busy weekend planned with getting clothes ready for a consignment sale, a RAZORBACK basketball game, church, food prep and EXERCISE!!! Looking forward to the weekend though as always.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thank you!

I just want thank all of you for the encouraging and supporting comments! I GREATLY APPRECIATE them. Although, I feel great and I am so pleased with my progress this process is still so overwhelming and I still have those doubts hidden in the back of my mind that just b/c I lose the fat I am pretty certain I will not look that good in a bikini and maybe I have no business doing something like this.

I do my best to keep those thoughts in the BACK of my mind but sometimes they creep on up.

I believe 100% that I can drop the fat but that is just part of the equation. Actually getting into a skimpy bikini and standing on a stage is TERRIFYING!! I am going to do it but when it comes down to it I am not sure how I will muster the courage to do so. I am hoping in 18 1/2 weeks when I have the the final product that I will feel differently.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those that leave comments on my blog and to those that give me compliments in person. You have no idea how it moves those doubts oh so slightly a tad further back in my mind.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here goes...the results so far

I hope these pics don't come back to haunt me one of these days. I just post these so that all of you can truly see the difference and so that you can know that YOU TOO can do it with consistent eating and exercise. The hard work does pay off and it is not just for me, it is for you too if you want to work for it. Disclaimer: That is not to say you have to follow a competitor diet and exercise plan in order to get results b/c you absolutely do not have to do that.

I wanted to get them to where they were side by side but I am not that good with technology so this will have to do. This is what 12 pounds of fat gone looks like. 150-138!!!!