"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A quick "HELLO"

I have been really busy at work and this will continue for about 5 more months. From October through May is my busy time at my job then it slacks off during the summer. I don't mind it too much though b/c I am expecting it and as prepared as I can be. The bad thing is that the days fly by and I have mentioned before that I do not enjoy time going by so fast. Oh well, what is a girl to do.

I don't really have much to talk about. Tomorrow is Haloween and I am doing great on my challenge to myself to not eat any halloween candy. I haven't touched one single little bitty piece. Tomorrow will be the hardest b/c I will go to my house where my MIL and FIL will have 5 bags to hand out to the kids that come to our house. I can do it though. I WILL HAVE NONE!!! I am determined and committed to this challenge. I have come to far to eat any now.

I worked out 4 days last week which is my goal each week, my minimum at least but I am shooting for 6 days. This week I plan on getting 6 days!! WOO HOO!!

Eating is going GREAT! I am staying on track and having food victories every day. The eating part is getting much easier as time goes on.

Friday, October 26, 2007


It is Friday, this week has really gone by fast for me. I went to J's game last night and THEY WON!! 33-0 in fact. They stomped em'. That was fun to watch for a change. They have been playing well, we just hope they can keep it up as they play their last game next Thursday which is the across town rival and they are undefeated. Should be tough but we can do it.

This weekend we are going to the Razorback game and taking Miss Chloe. She is really looking forward to it. Then Sat. night we have a wedding reception for a friend of mine that got married about 1 month ago in a private ceremony. A bunch of my friends will be in town and I can't wait!!!

I will exercise twice this weekend. I really hope to do it tonight and on Sunday and take tomorrow off so we shall see what happens. I desperately need to jog.

I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have been struggling to get up in the mornings to work out even though this is the time I like to do it. I like to get it done and overwith and I just haven't been able to get up. No one's fault but my own. I just need to put my two feet on the ground and get to it. When I don't I have to work out at night and I have been but I just so much prefer to do it in the AM. Finally, this morning I did it. 5:10 AM my feet were on the ground and I got an "Atta Girl" from J. that made me feel tood. I went to the living room and got busy with my strength training back and chest day. This is my toughest workout. My chest consists of my weakest muslces and the chest presses, dumbell flyes and push ups just really push me to my limits. I finished all reps of everything but it wasn't easy. I was so happy when it was over b/c now I don't have to do that one again for a week. I think tomorrow might be my day of rest (DOR). I would really like to exercise on Friday then take my DOR on Saturday b/c I have a busy day planned but I am just not sure what will work out best yet. I am getting kind of tired b/c I have worked out 6 days in a row now and I think I need my DOR.

So what is your plan? Have you already exercised today? Will you do it at lunch or after work or at 9pm? It doesn't matter when you do it just GET IT IN!! Get that body moving so you can make some muscle and then burn more calories at rest.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

6 days last week and 2 days in a row this week...

Yes, I exercised 6 days last week. WOO HOO!! SO PROUD!!! I have gotten in 2 days so far this week too. I actually went and exercised with J today at his school so that was a nice change from exercising by myself. I think it might have made me push myself a little harder. I did shoulders and arms yesterday and then today I did a leg workout. Tomorrow I will do some cardio either running or a step aerobics tape.

Not really much going on with us. Just exercising and eating good. J has been hunting on the weekends when he can. I have just been hanging out and playing with the girls.

Oh, yes I do have news. Lizzie can crawl she is the crawling fool and she can even pull herself up to her feet. It is amazing. She is 6 1/2 months old and is on the move. It is so cute to watch her. She will be in the living room and the next thing you know she is in the kitchen with you tugging on your pant leg and either chewing on it or pulling on it so she can stand up. She is still a little wobbly when she stands so she has to have a sturdy base to be grabbing. Shoot, she might walk before Chloe did and that was at 9 months. What is it with my kids, I don't mind if they stayed put a few months more. No need to be on the move so soon. Obviously, I am excited and it is so fun to watch them grow up and develop and learn new things, I just can't imagine why they do it so soon. So funny the difference in kids.

We call Lizzie, "Lizzie Lizer" sometimes. The Lizer is a funny story with our insurance company and kind of hard to write out so anyway just know we call her that sometimes. So Lizzie does this growling thing, that is the noise she makes. This morning on the way to take them to my parents house I heard Lizzie making her noise. So I told Chloe, "Do you hear Lizzie growling at you". Chloe said "She is growling like a lion, grrrrrr" Then she said "Our little Lion Lizer". I said did you say "Lion Lizer" and she said "Yes, she is our little Lion Lizer" HAHA. SO FUNNY!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

10K pics

Finally, I am getting around to posting some pics from my 10K I ran this past Saturday, October 13. I did it with my friend Jessica so all of the shots are of both of us except one is of me and my fam. They were waiting on me and cheering me on at the finish line. The last picture is of Jess and I before the Hog game all fixed up and not sweaty and smelly. We had a great time at the race and we were so proud of ourselves. We can't wait to do it again next year.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, I set my sights on it last March or so and as of 9:09 am on Saturday, October 13th I reached my goal of finishing a 10K. My friend Jessica and I finished in a little over 68 minutes. We were SO PROUD!! We had perfect weather and everything went just great. Could not have gone any better. I do have some pictures and I will have to try to post those tomorrow if I can.

I started a new challenge today that my on-line personal trainer started. It is the SLIM NEW YOU 12 week challenge. It requires 3 days of strenght training and 3 days of cardio and by the last 6 weeks you are doing 5 days of strength training (with some cardio on those days too) then 1 extra day of cardio. It is going to be tough but I am going to work my hardest to get it done. I really think it will get me at my goal or really close if I just concentrate and work hard on it. I am hoping by doing it that I can just cruise through the holidays and all of the food that comes along with it. I am really taking it one day at a time and trying to get through the halloween candy right now. I have not eaten one piece of candy so far and I plan on keeping it that way.

How are you doing with the halloween candy? Are you giving in or are standing strong? It really isn't that worth it, I mean it is not that good!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Race day tomorrow, October 13th, my very first 10K. I have in fact not gone 6.2 miles before. The longest I have ran is 5 miles and that was last Friday so this will be an all time high for me and I can't wait. My friend Jess is coming up from Conway to run it with me. I will post some pictures of us on Monday.

Food VICTORY! - yesterday I went to a halloween carnival with Chloe and of course there was tons of halloween candy and then they had other food on top of that. I did eat 5 meatballs but that is all. I passed up all of the candy and the chips and cheese dip, fried cheese sticks, egg rolls, wings, fried mini corn dogs and numerous other fried foods that you could dip in the huge container of ranch dressing. I ate none of it!! WOO HOO! I was so proud and the big thing is that I didnt' even want to eat it. I was not tempted at all. I must have had my mind set right b/c that typically doesn't happen.

Do you have a plan for your weekend? If not, then get one. What are you going to eat? Are you going to exercise. I will be doing the race then going to tailgate for the Hog football game then the game is that evening. I plan on drinking my water, eating my carrots, apple, beef jerky and protein bar. Sunday, will be a lazy day with some cleaning I am sure and just getting ready for the week as usual.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Geez! I do so good then bam!

Well, I was lazy this morning and I did not get out of bed to do my arm workout. I am trying not to worry about it. I will either do it late tonight after J's football game or I will do it in the morning. It can still be done and the week is not over yet. It will actually only take me about 30 minutes to do it. I will get it done I juts can't mark it off the list for today.

J's team plays an undefeated football team tonight. We have played great the past 2 weeks so I just hope we continue. Even if we don't win I just hope we play well. We shall see, I will report tomorrow on how they do.

Velvet - Sorry I missed your call the other day, I did get the message you left me at work. I will have my cell on me tonight if you want to call or I will be around tomorrow night so maybe I can chat with you then. Love you! Send up good vibes for me on my run on Saturday morning. I am doing 6.2 miles...can you believe that!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AM workout - nothing like getting it OVER WITH!

Yes, the past two mornings I have gotten my bootie out of bed and out to exercise. Yesterday morning I did urban rebounder (a small trampoline borrowed from a friend). I liked it and it was a nice change but I think I might get bored with it so I don't want it for myself but I was glad to try it out. This morning I got up and jogged 3 miles. I laid in my bed and debated for about 20 minutes on if I was going to get up or not. Genius aren't I, I mean if I was going to go back to bed I should have done it as soon as the alarm went off but I didn't. I thought I don't want to get up but I don't want to have to run tonight. Which one do I not want to do worse and jogging tonight won so I made the leap of faith and put my feet on the ground and the rest was history. Out the door I went and jogged 3 whole miles. I was so glad when I was done and my exercise was done for the day. YAHOO!! I am getting up in the morning early to do my upper body workout then I will rest on Friday then it is 10K here I come on Saturday morning.

Last night I had my cheat meal at bunko with some girlfriends. It was good and worth it. I had taco salad with some really great light and crispy tortilla chips and ROTEL and for dessert a few good classic chocolate chip cookies. It was all so good and I enjoyed every last bite of it. I love doing this cheat meal thing and I love it especially when it is good and worth it. I just indulge for one meal once a week and that is it then I get back on track and I still lose weight this way and this is something that I can live with and that is what I love about it. This week I have resisted chips at lunch, oreos and other chocolate things in the office kitchen, cheese doritos in the office kitchen, and grasshoppers (the mint cookies) at my parents house, all of these things just since Monday. It feels so good, you should try it sometime. If you ever doubt yourself on this weight loss journey or need a confidence boost then resist a temptation and see how good it makes you feel about yourself. SO EMPOWERING!!!

I will post tomorrow as to how my upper body workout went. I am increasing my reps this week so it will be a tad bit harder and I can't wait for that. Bring it on!

Monday, October 8, 2007

5 miles - DONE

I ran 5 miles on Friday night. WOO HOO!! I have never ever in my life gone that far at one time. I can't believe I did it. I have my 10K race this Saturday and I think I am ready, as ready as I will ever be. Now I have not actually gone that distance before but I know I can do it.
I just looked it up and confirmed that 10K is 6.21 miles. I wasn't exactly sure how long it was. Now I know. OH, I can SO DO THAT!! Can't wait to accomplish that goal. Before I had Lizzie on April 1st I had told myself that I was going to do that race on October 13th and I have stuck to it and I AM DOING IT!! I just can't wait to cross that finish line. My friend Jess is doing it with me and I am looking forward to that. Tara had to back out b/c she broke her toe. Next time though she will be right along with us.

I had a great weekend. I didn't exercise any actually but I did get in my 4 days during the week so that is fine. My goal is 4 days and I do try for five but if I can't do it then I don't stress about it. Food wise the weekend went well. We even went to a pizza buffet on Sunday and I did great. I ate some pizza but not too much and I didn't even touch the dessert pizza. It just didn't look worth it to me so I just snubbed it. Man, I love snubbing food. Such an empowering feeling. Try it sometimes. You will be so glad you did.

Exercise plan for the week:
Monday - run 30 - 40 minutes
Tuesday - urban rebounder (borrowed from my friend or step aerobics)
Wednesday - run 30 minutes
Thursday - arm workout
Friday - DOR (day of rest)
Saturday - 10K run
Sunday - DOR

Food plan:
Tuesday night I have bunko so that will be my cheat meal but I will try to have some control as well.
Other than that I will be on track!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


I thought I would share a few victories over food that I have had this week:

1) Chloe wanted some ice cream on Wednesday. So as we were visiting my Granny I was thinking to myself we could go to Braums and I could get her a junior cone b/c I know she won't eat much. Well, of course I was debating if I should get one. As my on-line trainer always says to own your decision and if you truly want something that is off plan then eat it and enjoy it and don't feel guilty about it but if you are not going to like yourself and feel guilty then do not eat it. Well, I decided that I wanted one so I got a jr. chocolate in a cone and it was SO GOOD. I ate it and soaked up every minute of it. Chloe's ice cream is where the victory comes in. She of course took like 5 licks off hers and barely ate around the top of the cone and said she didn't want it. So she handed it to me. I stared at it for a minute and thought I could so just down this ice cream, but instead I took two licks and then threw it out the window!! Whew, that felt good!!

2) I went to a mexican restaurant that I go to every Thursday with some friends. Well I typically I get a chicken fajita salad that is really good and healthy and in my guidelines for how I like to eat. Of course they give you a basket of chips with it and then the others with me get things that have a basket of chips too. Last week I actually ate an entire basket of chips. I felt awful after I did that. I was just so mad at myself for letting myself do that. So this time, I was not going to eat any chips. I asked for them to not give me my basket, we just didn't need 3-4 basket of chips at our table, 2 are plenty. I ate my salad and enjoyed every last bite of it and just snubbed those chips! I ate NO CHIPS. WOO WOO!!!

3) Last night the girls and I went to Chic-fil-a for dinner. I got my fav, the chargrilled chicken sandwich and a side salad with rasberry vinag. dressing. I got Chloe the 4 nugget meal with fries. Next time I will get a fruit cup instead of the fries. Anyway, she ate all 4 nuggets and did not even touch the fries. I kept looking at them thinking how I really wanted them. My trainer, Corinne and another girl Lorie kept going through my mind, Corinne just recently posted a blog about this http://phitnphat.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/defining-your-diet-success/ and then Lorie was talking about "Is it worth it". These words were running through my mind as I was looking at those french fries and you know what? I snubbed those french fries too. I did not even eat one of them. I threw those things in the trash along with the other trash. It felt SO GOOD!!

My challenge to you is to have VICTORY over your food this weekend and turn your nose up at that not good for you food. It is these little victories that will get you to where you want to be.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy busy

Just when you think your life can't get any busier it does. But I am loving it every step of the way.

Can't chat long here today b/c I have to do a few things before I wrap up my day.

I did turbo jam on Tuesday and I liked it. It was a nice change of pace and I would like to do it occasionally to take a break from the running and lifting weights. I did get a good workout from it and I am a tad sore in a few areas that I am not normally sore in.

I had planned on running last night but things didn't work out for me too. I did vacuum and dust my bathrooms so that was a major plus.

I did get up this morning early and do my arm workout so that felt great to get it out of the way. So that makes 3 days of exercise for me. I plan on doing a long run on Friday or Saturday and then I hope to do urban rebounder on Saturday and Sunday. A friend of mine let me borrow it so I have to give it a shot and see how I like it. Again it will be a nice change. I do like the home DVD's if they are good ones. I am very partial to the FIRM.

My eating has been great. I have a few victory's to share but I have to go for now so maybe I can post those tomorrow.

Hey Velvet, I am sure you are reading these. I hope you are enjoying yourself working in Jacksonville!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday nights are my night!

After dinner last night I went out right before dark and did my run. The sun was down and it was kind of cool, in the 70's. I started running around my 1/2 mile loop and I did that 3 times so I got in 1 1/2 then I went to my street to jog since it was getting darker. I jogged up and down it several times to make another 1 1/2 miles. When I looked at my clock, I realized that I had done it in 30 minute!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I haven't run that pace in over 1 year since I did my first 5K in June of 2006. I was so proud. I could not believe it. I don't typically strive for a certain time but of course it is nice to have it.

Tonight I am going to a friends house to do Turbo Jam. You might have seen an infomercial on it. I have heard good things about it and that it is fun and a good workout so I am really anxious to try it out.

I have a new snack that I found on someone else's blog.

1 tortilla (I use la tortilla factory whole what / low carb)
1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese
10 turkey pepperoni's or you could use turkey
some lettuce or spinach leaves whatever you have

spread the laughing cow cheese on the tort then put the turkey pepperoni over that then the lettuce or spinach leaves then roll it up and you could either just eat it like that or cut it in slices and it is like pinwheels. I dipped mine in a little bit of mustard or you could you some other kind of low cal dipping sauce or just eat it plain. It was so easy and really good. I calculated it at approximately 160 calories and 14.5 grams of protein. That is including the mustard. A great snack!

Have a great Tuesday and get out there and EXERCISE and make your FOOD PLAN!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I did it, 5 days of exercise last week.

I did my long run of 4 miles on Saturday. It was a struggle but I did finish. I almost threw in the towel at 1 1/2 miles, I actually started walking home b/c I just didn't have a lot of energy and my run was not going well but I turned around and decided that I was finishing and I did. It was tough though. My time was hurendous at 1 hour actually. That is a 15 minute mile. The times that I was running was good and at a good pace but when I was walking it was really slow. I was just mopping along b/c my energy level was dragging. Not sure if I was tired or the food I ate before my run wasn't helping, not sure what it was. Oh well, all I want to do is start and finish and that I did so YEAH!!! I was so proud of my exercise week.

My eating went well. I did not eat any chips at the tailgate! I was so proud. I did eat 10 triscuits with spinach dip but only 10 and I did not just stuff my face like I typically do. This was a major accomplishment for me. As I was eating I kept thinking about how hard I had worked on my run that morning and I didn't want to blow it.

This week will be busy for me b/c my parents are out of town so I will be shuttling kids to school and to a friend that is keeping them for me. It will be fun though b/c I will get to spend the afternoon with them a few days. I am off to the grocery store with them this afternoon and I am the spoiled one that never has to take her kids to the grocery store b/c I do it on my way home from work and they are at my parents so this will be a fun outing with both kids at the grocery store. I don't have to get much and I am not in a huge hurry so it will be fine. Then I am going home and hopefully going to do a little cleaning, we will see how that goes. I will just do what I can and the rest of the time I will just hang out and hold Lizzie and play with Chloe. FUN TIMES FUN TIMES!!!

I plan on doing a 30 or 40 minute run tonight at some point. I will report in tomorrow on how that goes. Have a great Monday and EXERCISE!!!