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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Praise the lord we have electricity, but many people in Fayetteville and the surrounding are do not. It did go out for about 12 hours yesterday but came on in the middle of the night we heard. We were actually at J's parents house in the cold assuming our electricity was out as well. We are some of the lucky few though. We have a house full right now trying to stay warm and get a few showers. My parents are staying the night but J's parents just bought a generator so they will go home and use that. The electric company said their power most likely won't come on until Saturday or so.

Luckily, I have been able to keep up with my runs in spite of the power outages. I obviously can't go outside b/c it is COLD and SLICK so my friend is the treadmill in the garage and I got a 4 mile run in before the power went off yesterday and then I got one in this afternoon as well. YEAH!! I have an 18 miler coming up this weekend. The bad part is that I am not feeling as good as usual. I am hoping it is b/c I didn't sleep good last night and I am just exhausted.

ok, gotta run. Talk to you later.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Tomorrow I will be running 16 miles with Jess. I feel as ready as I will ever be. I don't dread them that bad when I have someone to do it with. I always enjoy talking to Jess and with running 16 miles you have PLENTY of talking time. I am going to try a different fueling method throughout my run so I am anxious to see how that will work for me.
There are only 51 days until the marathon. I simply can't believe it is about to be here. I feel like it has been forever since we decided to do it and now it is just around the corner. I have been training since September and I am so ready to complete this journey.
Tonight I will be having my favorite pre-run meal of a baked potato with pulled pork, baked beans and cole slaw from a favorite bbq place in town. I love this meal and it is perfect to eat before a long run. Fuels me up just right.
I am chugging the water today like always to get my water stores up and upping the sodium too. I love Friday's b/c I get to eat a little more food and a little more carbs. This is the great payoff of running for sure.
ok, I will let you know how the run goes. Think of me and as always say a little prayer as prepared as we feel that we are we can always use some extra prayers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adding to the family (it is not what you think)

No, I am NOT pregnant but our lovely family just got bigger with the addition of two yellow labs. Yes, you read that right, TWO!! I feel the same way about dogs as I do kids, if you are going to have one then you need to have two. They are both males and they are 10 weeks old. Their names are Tug and Newt. Newt came from a suggestion from J's brother, Newt is a character in one of our favorite books/movies, Lonesome Dove. As for Tug, well, we couldn't think of a name for the bigger puppy and all of the sudden Chloe says "what about Tug?" and J and I looked at each other and said "Tug!, We love it". Tug it is. I have no idea where she came up with that word, probably from school I am sure.

So I now have one VERY HAPPY HUSBAND and daughters. I realized I would not make it through my married life without having a dog. So I decided to go with my new years resolution of relaxing more and truly not sweating the small stuff so I changed my attitude and now I am proud to be the owner of 2 lovely dogs that my family will enjoy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Loooooonnnnnggggg weekend!

I love Monday's off and I get one on Monday free and clear. We don't have any huge plans this weekend but that will be nice. We do have plans to go to a basketball game tonight, then I will run 13 miles Saturday then our neighbors daughter is turning 2 and we are going to her birthday party Saturday night then J told me about this 80's band playing on Dickson st. Saturday night so we might have a night out on the town. Then Sunday and Monday it is just whatever comes up. Probably a little cleaning and laundry thrown in there somewhere. It is not a weekend if you don't clean and do laundry, right?

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As Jen from Phit -n-Phat says... Keep the food clean and the workouts dirty!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cruising along

I have done 2 mornings in a row of AM workouts. Knocked out 2 - 4 mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday and I feel great. I really pushed them and upped my speed and I love doing that. It really shows me that I can push myself a little further than I thought I could. I will do strength training in the morning and then a 3 mile run on Friday and then a 13 mile run on Saturday.

My food has been going so much better also. I realized that I was letting myself have about 5 too many treats each week and 2-3 of those were meals and as a result my weight went up and my pants are tight. As much as I want to from time to time I just can't eat like that. Of course it was the holiday season and it was nice to give myself a little leeway I am not sure it was worth it. I am not beating myself up about it by any means I just learn over time things/foods that are worth it and ones that are not and several of the things I ate were not worth it. At least I live in learn though. For the past 1 1/2 weeks though I have been SOLID on my food. I am not having any cheats for a few weeks. I just need to prove to myself that I don't want/need that stuff. Now I am having a fruit popsicle or popcorn or jello or even a bagel w/ cream cheese on it from time to time and so those things keep me satisfied and not feeling deprived.

Here is my food for today:
post run - 1/2 orange
B - oatmeal, peaches, banana
S - apple w/ peanut butter
L - turkey sandwich, homemade tomato soup and spinach w/ dried cranberries and light dressing
S - string cheese and carrots
D - not sure yet, I am thinking something with ground turkey b/c we have that in the fridge and we need to use it.

All in all things are going really well and my weight is slowly creeping back down. WOOT!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Marathon Training

I just thought I would give an update on my Marathon training. All is well and I am right on plan to be ready for the marathon which is March 15th. My longest run so far is 16 miles and that was 2 weekends ago and it went well. This past weekened I did 10 as my long run. In a few weeks I will do 16, then 18 then 20 one week. 20 is the most you do before an actual marathon. They say those last 6 miles you will make it off pure adrenaline so I will trust those that have gone before me and just go with it. I guess if you have run 20 already what is another 6 right?

As I have said before this is one of the hardest things I have committed to in my life thus far (besides marriage, ha). It takes so much attention to detail like how much food you are eating and what types of foods you are eating then making sure you get in the short runs and the strength training. If you don't get something in you will pay for it later with injury and of course I don't want that.

I can't believe it is just 9 weeks away now. I am getting very excited. I can't imagine the butterflies I will have on that glorious Sunday. I am just ready to prove to myself that I can do it and cross that finish line with a smile...or tears or maybe both.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lifting weights and losing FAT!

If you have talked to me for any length of time about exercising and eating healthy I have probably asked you if you are lifting weights. I cannot stress it enough the importance of it to your body, your fat loss and for your bodies shape. Lifting weights can totally change the shape of your body and make it smaller. That does not mean you are going to be some muscley masculine looking person at all. You will just slowly build the muscle and the fat will leave the body and then underneath the fat you will have this nice toned body. What more could you want. THEN, to top it off having all of that lean muscle burns WAY more calories just at rest so then when you are at your goal weight you can eat more b/c your muscle is burning calories for you b/c of all of that hard work you have put it. I am not saying do not do cardio BUT I am saying it is in your best interest to lift the weights first THEN do the cardio 2nd. I have learned this from my own personal experience and the experience and knowledge of the 4 personal trainers and nutritionist I work with daily at Phit-N-Phat. Trust me and them...it is TRUE and it WORKS!

Below is a blog from my trainer Corinne at Phit-N-Phat regarding this issue and a few others:

Should I Lose Weight Every Week While Exercising and Dieting?
Uhhh...no. You shouldn't. Don't even think you should, dream of it, or desire it. Why? If you are then you are doing something wrong.

I teach my clients that this lifestyle is about a few things...
1. You eat enough to fuel your body and to lose FAT - not weight. FAT is what you see and WEIGHT is your muscle, water, fluids, and a little fat. Why would you want to lose your energy sources and muscle?
2. Undereating is just as bad as overeating and when you eat just right you don't put up numbers like the Biggest Loser. You SEE and FEEL changes way before you can count them.
3. Strength training is your priority workout. You want to lose FAT then you should be lifting weights with the cardio.
4. Cardio is important but it is second to weights. We mix up the cardio a lot, too.
5. What you eat is more important than how much. You have got to get calories right but if you are eating crap you will workout and look like the crap you eat.

When you are doing these things amazing things happen to your body. Your shape changes, not just the number on the scale. You feel energized and your body glows. Everything is working. You start building some lean muscle tissue to replace that blobby, ugly fat.
This process means that you are also going to have weeks through the journey where you gain a little or not lose at all. To sculpt muscle the body needs water. Often it is so busy doing the work for the muscle that it doesn't burn any fat. That's OK because in a week or two it will. You might just see the scale go up because you have more water and muscle before a big fat dump.
You also have your menstrual cycle to consider. You want to stay healthy and by having slight gains at TOM it means that your body is in good hormonal balance. So don't get mad when your body is functioning as it should. It's when you don't experience this you should be worried.
The lesson for everyone today is celebrate your losses regardless of how little or lot they are and to keep a healthy perspective when things aren't operating on your timeline. Does life really ever operate on the timeline we establish? It doesn't for me!
Remember, nobody got fat eating right and exercising...that's how you get PHAT.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few Christmas pics

J got me this for Christmas. It is a shadow box with my running medals I have collected so far. He made it himself. There are two race bibs in there b/c he couldn't find the other two but I think I might take them out b/c I want their to be room for my marathon medal in the middle. I LOVE IT!! One of the best gifts I have ever gotten. After he gave it to me he looked at me straight in the eye and said "I am so proud of you". Literally made my heart melt.

Here is Lizzie opening a gift. She LOVED opening the presents. She would open one, look at it and smile real big then run back to the tree to get another one.
Here is Chloe after Christmas morning. We were dressed and ready to go to J's Grandma's house. This is her new horse shirt that she loves.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I am back from the most wonderful vacation ever!

I don't have time to post the details or pictures at this time. Just can hardly get anything done with two little munchkins running around. I am slowly but surely getting my house back in order and the laundry done.

I will post pictures and a recap of my trip on Monday.