"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Thursday, May 27, 2010

16 days and a couple of my faves!

Only 16 more days until I hit that stage, hopefully NOT flat on my face b/c I have been practicing walking in my 5 inch heels. HA!! It has taken some practice though but I am getting better.

I am doing pretty well considering I eat 1200 cals a day and exercise anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours a day. Average 1 1/2 most days. My energy level comes and goes. Some days it is really good and some days it seems as if it takes all my power to propel my legs forward. I have the most energy of my day around 6 AM right after my hour of cardio is done and then around 7 pm I get SLUGGISH! It is still worth it though and I am glad I am doing it and the best part is that the goal is almost accomplished. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is looking brighter and brigher with each passing day.

I have grown to love several foods (believe it or not) and several product. I thought I would share a couple of products with you that I like. As for food I, I love my egg white/cinnamon/splenda egg concosion big time. Enough that I will eat it long after the competition is over. I take a pic of them soon and show you.

Anyway, Xtend is a supplement that I really like, it is the branched chain amino acids (usually known as BCAA's) and glutamine combined. All of which are good things for people who exercise regularly. I am not going into what all they do for you b/c I would never get it all right so just google it. I mix 2 scoops of this with my water that I drink in the morning while I work out then I mix 2 more scoops with more water to drink as I get ready for the day and on my way to work. I have tried the orange which I really like and then now the grape and the grape is my favorite between the two. I have tried watermelon also and it was good. Grape is the best in my opinion.

Then we have protein powder. There are SO many options out there. As of now I am really enjoying Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Isolate. It has good nutritional stats and a great flavor. I buy most of my supplements like prot powd and the Xtend from bodybuilding.com I have found them to be a good value and quick shipping and if you order over $100 worth you get free shipping so make bigger orders less often and you save some money.

By the way, my husband is surprising me with a weekend get away beginning tomorrow. Can't wait to see where he is taking me. He did say to bring my swimsuit...my bikini that is. WOOT!

Monday, May 24, 2010

19 days until the stage!

WOW BLOG WORLD, it is only NINETEEN DAYS until I step on the stage in a bikini. WHOA!

I cannot beleive that it is almost here. I know I say that every time but I just can't get over how fast the time has gone by.

I am doing pretty well for the most part. Every time I put in my bikini and I look in the mirrror my initial reaction is AMAZEMENT! Then I start really looking and I am like, oh this darn skin or those darn stretch marks or I still have fat pooching here or there. Then I have to re group and remind myself of where I started just 25 weeks ago and then where I was way before that at over 200 pounds and then I am thankful and proud of where I am now and how my body looks. From where I was I have TRULY TRANSOFORMED my body AND my mind. I feel GREAT!

I am trying to slowly mark things off my competition to do list. Not to mention that I will be traveling for 2 weeks post competition with my family. I am not stressing over that though. There is a Wal-Mart where we are going and I can buy anything we need when we get there. Just worrying about the competition first and foremost.

I have my suit
I have my shoes
I have ordered my tanning stuff and it should be here this week
I got my nails done (not something you have to do but I wanted to)
Got a pedicure and I will get nails and toes re-done right before I leave
I need to get my fake eyelashes at Wal-greens
I need to get my rolly suit case down from the attic to take everything that I need the day of the competition b/c you don't want to carry a bag on your shoulder and mess up your tan
Make up - one of my trainers is doing my make up Saturday morning and she has that so I am covered there
Jewelry - borrowing jewelry from one of my trainers in Nashville
Hair cut (trim) this Friday for the girls and I. YAY! Love a fresh hair cut.
Teeth - totally not on the list but it just so happens that I am getting my teeth cleaned on June 3rd about a week before I leave so my teeth will be nice and purty!
Tanning - still tanning as of now but will cut that out in about 2 weeks (1 week prior to the show)
Entry to comp - mailed entry last week for the competition and I will get another card that I need when I get there.
Hotel - booked and ready to go

FOOD!!! - The most important part. My trainer will be sending my last weeks meal plan in the near future so I can start planning for that. As soon as I step off the stage and the moment is right I am eating a shiny and crisp fuji apple with smuckers natural peanut butter on it. That is something that I ate on a daily basis for several years and I MISS IT BIG TIME!! Can't wait to sink my teeth into that. Plus some raw carrrots. I am taking those with me too. Oh the CRUNCH of an apple and carrots and my heavenly peanut butter!!!

That sums up the major parts of what I have gotten done or need to get done. Only 18 1/2 more days left to make this happen and only 16 days until I leave town. Oh I am getting SO EXCITED!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

STOP the PRESS!! SIZE TWO!!!!!!!!

You will not believe this. I went to Old Navy to look for a swimsuit b/c they are on sale. I saw the most darling denim mini skirt and I thought to myself "I love that, I am going to try it on in a size 6." I take that cute little mini skirt to the dressing room and slip it on and it is REALLY BIG! My husband is with me and I have him go get me a 4 and a 2. He comes back and I slip on that size TWO and button it right up and the rest is history. I actually put on a size TWO!! What another glorious moment for me. I was grinning from ear to ear and jumping up and down in the dressing room and my husband was just smiling with pride in his eye.

Now with all that being said above and YES, I am still taking credit for the size 2 and basking in the glory no matter what type of vanity sizing they have at certain stores. Putting on this size two has shown me one more important thing about this journey to be healthy and fit and that is (in my opinion only):
You need to be happy with what you see in the mirror...BOTTOM LINE. I now have a size 2, size 4, size 6, 8 and even a 10 and they ALL fit. Go figure! Sizes are NOT standard, which I am not complaining about that, can't change it so I won't worry about it but it just proves my point that the scale is no indication of your success and neither is a number on the tag of clothing. I think this is MORE important to realize when you do get close to what your goal size/weight/ look in the mirror is. As you are starting your jouney and moving down from a 20 to an 18 or from 230 pounds to 199 then my opinion is that you can put more emphasis on the sizes and the scale, but there comes a point when you can't do that any longer b/c you will constantly be dissappointed if you do. When you get closer to your goal it should be more about how you feel, and how you look when naked and also don't hold yourself to only what you think your mind is perfection and never compare yourself to someone else. You gotta go with you and be the best that you can be.
So enjoy those sizes as they go down and that scale as it moves down as well but don't put all your eggs in one basket b/c the mirror and your mind are your true measure of success.
Bikini competitor Dawn who can wear a 2, 4, 6, 8 and a 10. HA!

Monday, May 17, 2010

26 days to go and progress pics

As you probably remember on Saturday night I was going to have my last of my cheat meals. Just to re-cap I had rotel/cheese dip at home before I went to eat with my family. Then we had salad w/ ranch and crackers and PIZZA (it was my favorite part), then we had ice cream. I had cheesecake flavored with butterfinger mixed in. YUM! Then we had no bake cookies at my parenst house. Actually, as luck might have it my Mom doesn't measure ingredientd for her no bake cookies, she just puts a litte of this and a little of that in there and they had WAY too much cocoa in them and I didn't like them nearly as much as usual so I only ate 2 of those. Good thing though b/c I was STUFFED!! It was VERY VERY satisfying though and should tide my mind over for the next 26 days.

Here is the rotel cheese dip BEFORE:

Here is is AFTER!! Going in my belly. Please excuse my head being chopped off. Chloe took this.

Didn't get pictures at the pizza place b/c I was too busy stuffing my mouth. Here is the ice cream though and Lizzie with her blue cotton candy ice cream.
Chloe loves to take pictures with my camera so after my workout Sunday morning while we were eating breakfast she said "show me your muscles and I get your picture."

Then we had to take a pic of Chloe's muscles.

and last but certainly not least, Lizzie's muscles.

Here are my progress pics from this past Friday morning at 29 days out and 133 pounds.

Friday, May 14, 2010

29 days out!

We are in the 20's for the countdown of days. I am in awe of how fast the time has flown by. I wanted it to go by fast and now I wish it would slow down just a tad. Oh well.

I took progress pics this morning and then my husband had to use the camera and he forgot to leave it with me to download the pics so I will have to post them on Monday.

I am gearing up for my cheat meal on Saturday, plus for the first part of the day I get more carbs and more calories. WOOT! I am going to have a HUGE stomach by the time bed times arrives. Typically my high carb day is on Friday but since I was doing the cheat on Saturday night we moved my high carb to that day instead which is totally fine. It should work out well.

I am still getting up at 4:50 every morning through the week to get in an AM cardio session. The last 2 mornings have not been very productive. I have been so sleepy and my energy has been in the drain. It has been rainy and dreary here so I know that is factoring into that. My better, more intense workouts have been during the day at lunch or at night at home so I am still good.

I will get up in the morning for a good hour of cardio before I embark on my food fest then I will come home after my evening cheat meal and bust out at least 30 minutes on the TM even if a slow walk is all I can muster from being so darn full.

I have thought about this cheat meal long and hard and here is what I have come up with. Since it will be 4 more weeks until I get another one I gotta make it good and make it very satisfying so here goes:

pre-dinner appetizer at my home shared with my husband and kids - Rotel/velveeta cheese dip and these crazy good crispy thin tortilla chips from the store that I love.

dinner - my favorite pizza place for small canadian bacon/shrimp salad with full fat ranch and capt. wafer crackers AND of course PIZZA, not sure what kind, maybe hamburger an mushroom and onion.

post dinner - small ice cream from my favorite frozen custard place. (typically get a medium but I have a 2nd post dinner this time)

post dinner #2 - homemade no bake cookies (you know the peanut butter/oatmeal/cocoa kind that you don't cook, they just set up) and a big ol' glass of milk. My Mom makes these and they are heaven on earth. I haven't had them in about 1 year at least so I am going to enjoy a few.

That's it. I will have ONE HUGE STOMACH after all of this not to mention the oatmeal and sweet pots that I will eat earlier in the day.


I promise to document it with pictures so you can see me enjoying the yummy goodness of fat filling, artery clogging foods that I still love, on occasion that is. Loving this lean, trim, less fat body a little bit more these days. HA

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

32 days. EEEEEEK!!!

Good news: I have my competition suit. WOOT!

Bad news: I am NOT sharing it with the blogosphere. Nope, I am making you wait. I LOVE SURPRISES, I love getting them and giving them so you will have to wait until June 13th to see it (The day after my competiton when I post my pictures).

I will share this with you though so in all reality it won't be too much of a surprise. It is the same purple color of the suit that I posted before but it is a slighty different style in the top and the bottom. I LOVE IT!! It shows a little more skin but not too much and I feel super comfortable in it which is the key and I honestly feel like it looks GOOD!

This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror BEFORE I stepped on the scale I felt SO GOOD. I felt like I finally had made it to the point that I was certain I am going to make it to the stage and feel good about how I look. Then I stepped on the scale just to see what it said and it was at all all time low of 133.4. I will write it down and move on.

If there is one thing that this process has taught me it is for me to put NO VALUE in the scale. Step on it if I wish from time to time but it just has no value for me. I need to go by how I look and how I feel and ask myself those questions that Skwigg referred to in her blog that I posted last week. That just applies to me in so many ways. I am glad I have finally realized that the scale does not control me and simply isn't the judge of how I look and how I feel. It has taken me a long time to figure that out though. Better late than never.

I will though post some more progress pics maybe next week in my black/white bikini just so you can see how I am coming along. That might be the last time I post them though. Again, I LOVE SURPRISES!!!

Oh, get this. I GET A CHEAT MEAL!!! My trainer, Tim at Structure Fit, apparently thought I looked good enough today in my progress pics and he told me I could have one this weekend. WOOT! So pizza and ice cream it is. MY FAVE!! I figured my last cheat meal would be my last one but now I am thinking this one will be. I can do it though. Only 32 days left and after Saturday (when I am going to eat the pizza and ice cream) gets here there will only be like 28 days left. OMG!!!! Seriously, it is almost here!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Scale obsessed? Read this!

I have followed this blog, Skwigg for several years now and have always really enjoyed her humor and knowledge. Yesterday she wrote a blog from a question that she was asked about the scale and being too concerned with the number. I love her answer and her approach to the behaviors and the questions that she says to ask yourself. I am going to copy and paste it here but please know that this is not mine and I do not take credit for it. Give credit where credit is due to Skwigg. Go check out her site. She has tons of healthy eating and exercise information and links to lots of other blogs that offer the same info.

Scale Anxiety
Question she was asked:

I have become very obsessed with my weight. It's to the point where I avoid some social interactions around food. Vacations make me anxious and nutty.
Two years ago I leaned down to 135lbs at 5'10" and hold myself to that standard daily even though I'm a much healthier weight of 148-150lbs now. It was a weight I probably shouldn't have been. Now It freaks me out that nothing fits. I refuse to buy larger sizes because I'm hoping to get back into the smaller clothes....AHHHHH insanity.
Can you recommend a book that helps address some of these issues? I'm at my wits end and would very much like my life back.

Answer from Skwigg:

If you find a book that addresses such issues, I could probably use a copy too! :-)

Things started getting weird when my weight dropped into the 120s (at 5'8"). Once I saw those low numbers, I didn't want to see them go up again. "I weigh 128," I said. "I weigh 128."

Well, realistically, I weighed 128 for like a week and a half and it wasn't exactly comfortable to keep it that low day in day out. But when I started seeing 131, 132 instead of being all like "Weeee! I'm still tiny and fit!!" I went, MUST. NOT. GAIN. I started doing weird things like not drinking water at night, or running a few miles before I got on the scale. I know! Flashing red lights! Aarr! Aarr! Aarr! Danger! Danger!

The number fixation reminds me of that time I made it to work in seven minutes. Since then I tell myself, "I live seven minutes from work." Never mind that I'm always late when I cut it that close. Once my little brain latches onto a number it's like a parrot, "I live seven minutes from work. I weigh 128. Braaawk!!" Neither is totally true. And trying to live by those numbers will only result in scale anxiety and speeding tickets.

I don't remember who but somebody smart said to focus on behaviors, not outcomes. That way you're dealing with things you can control, not fairies and unicorns and scale numbers.

Am I:
Enjoying my workouts?
Getting enough sleep?
Eating mostly healthy whole foods?
Drinking plenty of water?
Watching my portions?
Having fun?

If I'm doing those things then that's all I need to do. Put the behaviors first. If you put the numbers first, then your behaviors will suck. They'll be a panicked reaction to the scale instead of a truly healthy lifestyle.

I've learned (and evidently needed a reminder!) that when I'm happy and balanced, my weight takes care of itself effortlessly. When I'm living for the numbers and trying to force a specific outcome, it creates all kinds of anxiety. The bad thing about an anxious food kook is the urge to medicate the feeling with MORE FOOD, creating even more anxiety, guilt and pressure to get it together.

Focus on who you want to be and how you want to feel. Your weight will land in an appropriate happy place.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loose skin

I had a fellow blogger ask me about my loose skin and if I had any (she said it didn't look like I had any...BLESS HER) so I thought I would tell you my thoughts on it and about the loose skin that I do in fact have.

My loose skin problem areas are on my mid section near my belly button and then my lower belly pooch that is often hid by underwear or a bikini bottom in this case. Also, under my arms, you know the wings and then my inner thighs have some also. The arms and thighs are not as noticeable unless you are really looking me over. The belly to me is noticeable in a bikini obviously, it just looks like wrinkled skin basically. Now as I told my friends at Phit-N-Phat, thankfully a bikini competition is done STANDING UP. When I sit down or lean over the skin is in rolls or hangs down so it is absolutely there. This is just caused from years of being overweight and then 2 babies after that didn't help it any (not that I would take back the kids of course but I would take back the years of being overweight if I could do it all over again.)

There is no magic when it comes to loose skin. There are minor things you can do though to help it that I have experienced and tried myself.

1) PRAY that you have good skin genes. You can't change this of course you just hope good skin runs in your family.

2) STRENGTH TRAIN. This is probably the biggest key in my book. Build that muscle under neath the skin then it kind of fills out the skin and you don't have as much hanging.

3) Lose your weight slowly (which most of us do if you lose weight by eating healthy and exercising). That way the skin has time to slowly shrink back down.
4) If you are overweight, START today on dropping the fat, the longer you are overweight the more loose skin you will have b/c it just doesn't bounce back like it used to as we age.

As far as over the counter and supplements go here is what I do:

1) I take 1 vitamin E supplement (pill) per day. Vitamin E is good for your skin and elasticity.

2) I use a homemade scrub made up of 5 pound bag of sugar, 1 small container of Vitamin E oil and 1 medium size container of Almond Castille soap. I use an empty protein powder container and I put all of these ingredients in there together and then I get a wooden spoon and mix it up and I just leave it in the shower. Everyday I use it all over my body. It keeps the dead skin exfoliated and the vitamin E oil and soap moisturize your skin wonderfully. So with this I am putting Vit E oil ON my skin as well as IN my body with the supplement. I buy the vit E oil at Target and the almond castille soap comes from a health food store.

3) I also use an over the counter skin firming lotion like Nivea or Jergens.

None of these things are cure alls, unfortunately, I think the supplements, scrub and lotion have helped my skin in a very small way but it is better than it not being helped at all.

To be honest my skin looks SO SO SO MUCH better than I thought it would at this point in my journey. I have always been very concerned about it and how ugly it is and for some reason I don't even notice it that much anymore. Believe it or not I am more focused on the positive things about my body and how much smaller it is and my many muscles that are popping out. Those are the things I see now instead of the loose skin that is there. I do the things that are in my control at the moment to help it, the things I listed above, and then what skin is left hanging is simply left hanging. It is a reminder that it was once filled with nasty un-healthy fat and I will take the loose skin over the fat any day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beach bikini! WOOT!

So I found a bikini at Target the other day that I felt really good in that I thought I could wear at the beach with my family. FINALLY!! So here it is. It is black/white checked in case you can't tell what color it is.