"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh the JOY of hunting season!

Sorry I have been MIA. Just a lot going on here in beautiful NW Arkansas. Chloe was sick but it seemed to pass quickly though. I hope it is gone at least. We shall see.

It is prime football season and deer season opens tomorrow. JOY JOY!! I love the Fall weather (it is my favorite actually) but that is about all I like about Fall. My husbands two favorite things besides his wife and girls happen in the fall...FOOTBALL and HUNTING!! If we thought we saw him a little bit now it is getting ready to end all together. Any spare time he has he is in the deer woods. It is actually rather annoying. I know he loves it but I still get annoyed. You would think that after 5 years I would be used to it and and not let it get to me but it still does and we still argue about it all season long. I have just come to accept that we will just have to agree to disagree. There will never be a middle ground. Oh well, such is life and there are bigger things to worry about.

Friday, September 26, 2008

WOOT WOOT!! Ramay got a WIN!!

YEAH!! Last night J's team won their game. 16 - 6. We were so excited. It is the first one they won. The kids were thrilled and of course J was beyond thrilled. We were asking our selves "do they fire 8th grade football coaches if they don't win". We don't think they do b/c you can only work with what you got but you just never know. It is always best to hopefully get a few wins in there so you don't have to worry about that. Not that we're worried, we really are kidding. I hope this gives the team some confidence going into the rest of the games and they can maybe get a few more wins. Only time will tell.

I will be doing a 6 mile run this weekend. Not sure when though yet. Saturday or Sunday though.

I did get up yesterday and did some ST. I did not get up this morning though. I need to plan to make Friday a DOR b/c after the football games and not relaxing at all at them from chasing around my 18 month old I am exhausted. I can't relax with her climbing around on bleachers and going as fast as she can to the end of them.

Last night at the game Chloe got to go down with the 9th grade cheerleaders (she wears a red/white cheerleading outfit to the games and has the same red metallic pom poms as the cheerleaders) and warm up with them before the game. They lifted her up by both feet you know like she is standing and she cheered then she got to stand there when the 9th grade did their run through. She was SO EXCITED!! She wanted to cheer with them the rest of the game but I tried to explain that it isn't fair to all of the other little girls that they don't get to cheer so she can't. Yes, she doesn't understand that of course. Being the coaches daughter only gets you so far but she got to do that little part so that is better than nothing. She just absolutely loved it. She is a cheerleader in the making for sure.

o.k. I better get off here and get some work done. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally an AM workout

If you follow my blog you will have read that the month of July I was the dedicated AM exerciser getting up at 5 AM and sometimes at 4:50 AM. Well, ever since August got here and the Olympics and then school started I have not been as dedicated of an exerciser and for sure not doing it in the AM. Well believe it or not I got up this morning at 5:20 and did a 3 mile run. Yes, you read that right, it is over and done with for the day and I am thrilled. I did not want to have to do it tonight b/c I can't stand evening exercise even more so I made myself with a little push from my husband.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Mom I am 4"

Do you remember the days (you probably don't b/c I don't either) that you were SO EXCITED about your birthday and you talked about it for days before and just had the time of your life during and still talked about getting older afterwards. Well, if you don't remember it I am confident that life was that way when you were under the age of 20. My now 4 year old little girl said this morning in her most excited morning voice "Mom, I am 4". It was SO CUTE!! Saturday teh 20th was her birthday and we hung out all day and played and watched cartoons then at night we went to see her pig, Molly then we went to eat pizza at her fav pizza place. While we were there she said "If you would sing Happy Birthday to me I would really love it." Oh my gosh is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard. Well, I was all for it and it would not have bothered me a bit to stand up in the restaurant and get everyone's attention and ask them to sing Happy Birthday to her but for my kind of shy husband that was not going to happen. I really should have done it anyway, next time I will. He didn't want that kind of attention I guess, no one would have been looking at him anyway they would have been looking at our adorable 4 year old who was grinning ear to ear. Next time I am doing it. Oh well, so anyway, we didn't but we had sang to her several other times that day and then her party was going to be Sunday and we would sing then. Speaking of her party, it was SO MUCH FUN! She had a BLAST!! She got lots of great toys and some clothes and over $50 in cash! I will post pictures soon.

Moral of the story, do your best to remember back then when you LOVED your birthday and just be thankful you made it one more year. Now, THAT is A LOT to be thankful for.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun weekend in store!

You will be glad to know that I got my 2nd short run in for the week last night. I will do 7 miles at some point this weekend. Tomorrow is our oldest daughters 4th birthday. She is so excited! I can hardly believe it but it is true. We are having a party for her on Sunday. She has asked me everyday this week if it is her birthday yet. I was finally able to tell her this morning that when she wakes up tomorrow that it will be her birthday. We are getting her a bike. I think she will be really excited about that. Can't wait to give it to her. I plan on having my splurge meal at her party on Sunday. We will have cake, ice cream, hot dogs and chips. It will be worth it b/c I love a good grilled hot dog and chips and of course I love me some ice cream. Not as crazy about cake but I am sure I will have a small piece, it just kind of goes with ice cream ya know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back in the game!

Well, I am back in the game. I did my upper body strength training before bed last night. My sweet husband said he was proud of me. That made me feel good. I mean I could SO easily go to bed but NO, I did my workout. I really want to get up in the AM and get it over with but I haven't been making myself so if I don't then at night before bed is when I must do it. I told my husband that I didn't have a choice that I have already signed up for the St. Jude half marathon and I will NOT be un-prepared so if this is what I have to do at 10 PM at night then that is what I have to do. I will do another 3 mile run tonight then I will take a DOR on Thursday then I will do my long run of 7-8 miles either Friday or Saturday, not sure yet. I would love to get it done on Friday so maybe I can work that out. If was crazy ambitious I could get up around 5:30 AM and do it b/c I don't have to leave the houes until 8:15 to take the girls to school. That probably won't happen though but in a perfect world that is when I would do it. It will probalby take place Saturday afternoon/evening. I will let you know though after it is complete. After I get in my 4 workouts this week that will be about as much as I have done over the last 5 weeks. I know, I was bad but not any longer. I AM BACK!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday started off right!

Well, I made a promise to myself that I would not go to bed until I got a 3 mile run in and that is exactly what I did. I got on the treadmill at 10:10 and did a good pretty fast 3 miles and got off at 10:42. It felt GREAT!! I really pushed myself and I was trying to hurry as much as I could. I actually only took 1 1- minute walk break and I increased my pace each mile. First mile was at 5.0, second mile was at 6.0, 1st half of 3rd mile was at 6.5 then I really ramped it up and did 1/4 mile at 7.0 then the last 1/4 of a mile at 8.0. WHEW!!! I was glad when it was over but it felt good doing it.

So far today food is right on plan. Tonight before bed I will do upper body strength training. Since I can't seem to make myself get out of bed in the AM I just have to do it in the PM.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am struggling. Food hasn't been good and exercise has been non-existent. Food choices have just put me in mainteance mode. I have actually maintained the same weight for the past 3 weeks. So I haven't gained which is a major plus but my goal is fat loss and that just isn't happening with the extra foods I have been eating. Then, I am registered to run in a 1/2 marathon in Memphis on December 6th well in order to that one must TRAIN!! So that means practice runs and that hasn't been happening consistently. I ran 1 day last week and that won't cut it. I am not sure what is up with me. Just my mindset/attitude I am sure. I just need to re-focus and get back to it. The only way to do it is to JUST DO IT!

Back to the basics this week:

-I have logged my food in sparkpeople today and I will every other day this week as
-I am chugging the water
- I have 2 challenges this week with work luncheons so will make the best choices as I possibly can and I think there will be decent healthy choices to choose from and I will not have the dessert.
- Thursday will be an all day meeting so I won't have access to as much water so I will just do the best I can.

Exercise plan: goal is 4 day, 3 runs and 1 ST
Monday - run 3 miles
Tuesday - upper body strength train
Wednesday - run 3 miles
Thursday - off
Friday, Saturday or Sunday run long run of 7-8 miles.

I will keep you posted on how I am doing. This too shall pass and I will get over this speed bump.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GREAT Wednesday evening...

I did my run!! WOOT WOOT 3 miles = DONE!!! Just wanted to let you know that no one needed to check up on me in the morning b/c I did it.

Good Wednesday Morning!

Well it is Wednesday already and I haven't exercised even one drop this week. THIS IS GOING TO STOP RIGHT NOW!! I am telling anyone that reads my blog that I am not going to bed tonight until I run 3 miles. If I can't start my run until 10 then that is what I am going to do. I have a treadmill in the garage so I don't have to run in the dark and I have no excuse. I WILL GET IT DONE!!! Please follow up with me tomorrow to make sure that I did it. If I know people are going to ask me about it I don't want to let them down so I will do it.

As for the food that is still going well. I just don't struggle with the food thank goodness since I can't seem to get my head on straight with the exercise.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Great productive weekend

I got everything done on my list that I wanted to this past week. I was so excited. Cleaned the garage, weeded the flower bed, ran 5 miles, did the laundry, vacummed the house, mopped the floor, visited with friends and family. YEAH!!

I don't have really anything exciting going on just our regular ol' lives.

Friday, September 5, 2008

We lost but we have potential!

The 8th grade team lost 8-21 but I see room for improvement. We shall see as the season goes on. They are bound to get better and more confident though. J wasn't too upset. It doesn't bother him as bad as long as he knows his kids played hard and did the best they could. If you get beat you just get beat. Now he has something to go off though and can see where their weaknesses are and do what he needs to do to improve upon those.

This weekend we are hopefully cleaning out the garage and mowing the yard. I need to weed my flower bed too so I can stay on top of that so I think I will try to get that done also. We are going to some friends house on Saturday night to watch our beloved Razorbacks play on TV so that will be fun.

I plan to have a small splurge meal on Saturday night at our friends house but I am going to keep it under control and not go hog wild.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tonight is J's first football game. He is coaching 8th grad this year. They play their across town rival for the first game. This one is actually not a conference game though. They play them again the last game of the season and it counts towards the conference number. But regardless you want to beat them! We will see how it goes. It is hard to tell how good/bad you are until you actually play someone. Of course as the season goes on your are bound to get better so that is always good to remember.

I still need to post pictures from this past weekends pig show in Texas. I just haven't had time. I will get to it as soon as I can though.

Chloe is actually sick now with double ear infections and fever. Bless hear heart, I hate when she feels bad. She has some antibiotics and tylenol/ibuprofen so hopefully she will be on the mend soon.

Have a great Thursday! It is finally just drizzling here from all of the rain we had from Gustav. Shew, I didn't think it would ever stop of course it could be worse and I could be in LA with floods and no electricity. I am going to quit complaining now about the rain. Now my yard really does look like a jungle and it will take days for it to dry out, oh well, it is just a yard, we will get it done.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making new habits = EASY

Here is a blog I wrote for my trainers website, Phit-N-Phat that was posted today.

While I'm away, Dawn has these words of wisdom for the PNP world. She is also the same moderator to take down TWO STRAIGHT CHALLENGES! Go Dawn and yay for your lifestyle.

Making New Habits = EASY

A few days ago a PNP member posed a question “Does it get easier”. I thought about that and answered quickly with an emphatic, YES! Then other members spoke up and put their two cents in and some answered yes and some actually said no.
As I thought about this a little longer I realized that it doesn’t necessarily become easy. I feel we actually form new habits and making new habits simply makes things easier. After a awhile you learn to do what you do and you learn to fit your healthy eating and exercise into your life. In essence it becomes easier.

Forming new habits takes time and none of us will form the habits in the same time frame. It took a good 6 months to really get it and realize that I could put these new healthy eating habits and new exercise habits into my regular life. Now that I have been with PNP for a little over a year, my new habits are just a part of my daily life. I don’t even think about not eating good I just do it because that is what I do and how I live my life.

I have a routine (other wise known as habits) and I do the same thing each week and each night to make sure that I have the proper foods to eat each day. At times it seems like a lot of work. Each night after my girls go to bed and I am get all of our lunches together. Somtimes I think “I would rather be sitting in the living room watching TV”. Then I realize that if I don’t prepare my food for the next day then what will I do?

For many years I didn’t prep or plan my food and I was overweight, un-healthy and not happy with my body. Oh, now I get it.

Don't plan and prep for the next day = starve, binge, and make poor choices just enough to never make any progress (or go the wrong way)

Take some time to prepare for healthy living: 30 minutes on the weekend to plan your menu, go to the store with a list, and 1 to 2 hours cutting up your food, putting it into baggies, and pre-cooking snacks and meals so you are on auto-pilot for a week.

It is just a brilliant idea to plan and prep and I wonder why I didn’t come up with it about 10 years ago? So in all reality it is not that much trouble and the alternative is not a place I ever want to be again. I am now HEALTHY and HAPPY with my body just because of some pre-planning, execution and habit forming.
In conclusion, if you haven’t taken the steps to form new habits which in return make things easier I highly recommend that you try it. I promise it is WORTH IT!

Thanks, Dawn, for sharing you wisdom and winning attitude!