"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Monday, November 30, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is over with...craziness, can't believe it is the last day of November. We had such a nice 4 day weekend, visiting my family and J's family and taking drives on the back roads looking for deer, shopping, vegging, watching football, cleaning the house, putting up Christmas decorations and decorating the tree. GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL!!!

The food was pretty good on my part. I enjoyed some carbs on Thanksgiving day and some desserts too and then had a few treats on Friday night at another family gathering but overall I did well and I never stuffed myself sick although I wanted to with J's Uncle's peanut brittle. I somehow refrained. I LOVE THAT STUFF!! I had actually forgotten about it unti I saw the ziplock bag full of it at his Grandma's house on Thursday. I wanted to devour the whole bag. I am not sure how I didn't really.

I am totally back on track though and still ready to make this bikini competition a reality. I really want to do this. I want to stand on that stage FOR ME and prove to myself that what you think is impossible really isn't with some hard work and dedication. I hope along the way I can inspire my friends and family and show them you can once be over 200 pounds and have 2 children and still achieve a goal like this (if this is something you want for yourself). I obviously won't look like Jillian Michaels for example b/c I do have some stretch marks and loose skin and saggy boobs but I know I can still get to what I am picturing and be proud of what I have done which is truly all that matter.

Remind me as I go through this December with party after party after party and family gathering after familiy gathering after family gathering that I have a BIGGER GOAL and it is not as if this is the last time I will ever eat those foods. They will still be around after the competition is over with. This Christmas season will truly be about spending time with family and the friends that I love and not about what food is going to be there. Just imagine, that won't even be a question I will be asking "what are we eating", since I will be bringing my own food, I will KNOW what I will be eating.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


WOW, it is already Thanksgiving. Just can't believe it is here. I always look forward to holidays b/c we have a few family get togethers and I have always enjoyed those. J's family is always fun and then I just adore my family and love spending time with my Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins. It will be odd not having my Granny like she has been for the past 35 years. I know she wants us to still gather and enjoy ourselves though. She doesn't want the world to stop even though she went to Heaven.

The funeral went well yesterday. It was really nice. The preacher was great and the music was perfect and just what Granny would want. My Mom did much better than I thought although I know deep down she is just SO SAD! You just wish the ones you love could live forever.

I am doing well just so sad for my Mom, Aunt and Uncle b/c I know their hearts are broken.

J is enjoying the day fishing with his Dad and Brother. I am getting off work early and I have a couple of errands to run then I will get my girls at my parents house. Maybe I can talk my Mom into putting up the Christmas tree. That can help your spirits some and I know the girls would enjoy that.

I am not a baker really but the girls love to help in the kitchen so I thought I might make a couple of things for tomorrow. We are taking a cheese ball and bacon wrapped jalapeno things with cream cheese in them. Appetizers basically b/c the rest of the food is covered.

I love cheesecake so I thought I might make one and then I love cinnamon stuff so I thought I might make some monkey bread. It is a hungry girl recipe so it is on the lighter side of calories so I thought that would give me the taste I am wanting without all of the calories. The girls will love to help me make these things.

I plan to eat several things off my plan tomorrow and I am really going to savor them and enjoy it but I do not plan to go totally overboard. Since I don't really eat much at one sitting on a regular basis if I don't watch my portions I will just be ILL. I don't want to feel bad so I am going to go with small portions of the things I really like. I can't wait to sink my teeth in my MIL's homemade german chocolate cake and her homemade apple dumplings. These things are to die for. YUM!! I can taste them already.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sad news.

I have to share some sad news, my Grandmother passed away this past Friday. She was 95 and simply died of old age I would say. She lived a wonderful life with tons of family around her always. She never had any major illnesses or disease and had her mind up until the very end. She did get sick with some type of infection (they weren't sure what) about 4 weeks ago and she just couldn't come out of it. She had not eaten during that time. Maybe a bite or two here and there but pretty much no food and hardly any liquids. She just became weak. She took her last breath on Friday afternoon around 4:20 surrounded by her 3 living children (one son passed away 1 1/2 years ago of cancer).

It is sad of course but we are thankful for how long she was on this earth with us. I visited her on Thursday and I was able to talk to her and such so that was nice then Friday morning she became un-reponsive. The funeral is tomorrow morning. I dread this for my Mom. No matter how old you are or how old your parent is it is still so difficult to lose any loved one.

In spite of my Grandmother's passing we had a nice weekend. I love spending time with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins so we got to do a lot of that. J and I saw the movie the Blindside and we loved it. Lizzie had her first "friend" birthday party and that was fun. Chloe went with J on the bus to a basketball game and that was a treat for her. Then J took Chloe deer hunting Sunday morning and she enjoyed that. Our friends little boy turned 1 and we went to his party on Sunday also. Then we had family gatherings on Saturday and Sunday evening.

I am doing GREAT food wise. I mean REALLY GOOD!! You would not believe the homemade goodnes I have passed up the last 3 days. It is craziness what people are bringing to my Mom and Aunt's house. DESSERTS GALORE!! I have said NO to every single one of them. I am saving it all up for Thursday. I have to keep it in mind every time I pass over something sweet and delicious looking. I can do it. Only 3 more days until I am there. I have made it this far so I can keep going.

I plan to work out every morning this week. I am 1/1. Went to the gym this morning for some upper body ST. WOOT!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving and NO WEIGHT GAIN!

If you are like me and you want to enjoy the holidays with your family and enjoy some food but you do not want to put on any pounds here are some great tips by Corinne at Phit-N-Phat. She posted this in her blog today and I thought they were great things to do that you might not think of or if you have thought of them they are great reminders.

I have finally learned over the past few years that Thanksgiving to me is about spending time with my family. I enjoy the food that I really like such as dressing, cheesy potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn but I just get small portions of them and really savor the bites then I pick out my MOST favorite dessert of the ones to choose from and enjoy that too but I only choose one that is REALLY WORTH IT or I might choose 2-3 bites of a few of them if I just can't choose. So I do get to enjoy the food that comes along with the family but I don't eat myself sick like I have done MANY MANY times in the past. It's all about moderation folks and it is possible AND you still have fun. Probably more fun b/c you aren't moaning and groaning and just sitting b/c you ate too much that you can't move (oh, I have so been there).

Ok here are the tips:

I've been scouring newsletters, people, and my own history to give you ideas on what you can do to keep from gaining any TRUE fat the week of Thanksgiving. Remember, you are likely to bloat a little but come Monday you should have the same weight as last week.

Add 10 minutes a day to your exercise plan. By adding 10 min. of INTERVAL training to the end of every workout that week you will burn up 400-500 additional calories to help off set a small piece of pie and serving of dressing.

When you eat pie, take a true 1/8 of a slice and cut off the end piece where the crust is. There is a mother load of calories in that piece.

Skip the rolls. Most are store bought.

In fact, anything that isn't homemade and special skip it. Do you really want to gain weight off of Kroger brand white rolls?

NO GRAVY. Come on! Are you telling me the mashed potatoes and such aren't rich enough without the gravy on top?

Be the fun grown up. Rather than hanging in the kitchen to nibble or watching the TV, play with the kids. Even playing a game of checkers will avoid BLT'ing through the day. If you are really spunky go outside and play a game. You can throw the football and let them run around if you need to. You don't have to be in the best shape. Just get away from sitting and eating.

DO NOT take home leftovers. A lot of people will want to send home leftovers with you. They are smart. They don't want the temptation sitting around THEIR house.

The opposite holds true, too. Get the leftovers out. For those that want to take some home, let them. Otherwise, I wouldn't keep anything past Friday. Remember, food poisoning can make you just break out in a horrible case of fat.

Get up CRAZY early on Thanksgiving and Strength Train - not just cardio. You can also do some cardio afterward, but if you lift you are less likely to crave carbs all day. You can do it at home with DB's and if you don't have equipment, you can do squats, push ups, step ups on a chair, lunges, and other body weight exercises to failure.

Make it one meal. The rest of the day eat your regular diet. If you go in hungry trying to save calories you will eat double the calories you normally do. Plus, you will likely store it as fat if your body is in a desperate hunger state.

Take vegetables and fruit to the dinner. Have a lot of those and enjoy a little of the special stuff.
If you don't love it, just don't eat it.

Seconds ONLY after you have drank 16 oz of water when you finish the meal and you have waited 15 min. from finishing. You may still want more but you are likely to only dish out half of what you would have right after eating.

Bring your toothbrush and brush your teeth when you are done. Get the savory flavors out of your mouth.

Help clean the kitchen. You'll be moving or you can go back outside and play more with the kids.

If you do shopping on Friday, every hour, leave the mall, put your bags in the trunk, and then walk one lap around the outside of the mall. It will stretch your muscles, clear your mind, and burn off some calories.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don't have a title

I can't think of a clever title or just a title at all. HA

Umm, let's see, I am doing well. I am feeling a tad better than I was yesterday. I think the neti-pot is working its magic. I hope it continues and I can avoid the Dr. and antibiotics.

I got up and did a short cardio workout on the TM and then some core work with planks and the stability ball. Then I went to the gym at lunch and did some upper body strength training. Shew, that felt good. I need to do that more often. That rev's me up for the rest of the day and give me some much needed energy for the afternoons.

Tonight we are headed to a basketball game to watch our friend coach. He is coaching a sr. high girls basketball team in a town nearby so we thought we would go watch. They have two little girls that my girls love playing with so that will be fun for them.

ok, that is all I have to share today. Have a great Tuesday, what is left of it anyway.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gloomy Monday

It is rainy and dreary and cold here today. Just one of those days you really want to stay in bed ALL day long. I totally could have too since I am having some sinus congestion issues since Friday night. UGH. Having sinus issues just makes you feel run down. Could be worse though so I am doing my best to stay positive about it and hope it goes away in a few days. I broke out my neti-pot. I heart the neti pot!

This past weekend on Saturday my Mom, Dad and I took the girls to a drive through zoo. It is called the Gentry Drive Thru Safari. They loved it. We all loved it. So glad we finally went. What a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend. It was a beautiful day too.

So I have been struggling with my food on the weekends and keeping it consistent. The only way I will drop the fat that I want to is if I am consistent with the food. Well....I FINALLY did it. I had a solid weekend and didn't stray from my healthy food path and I am THRILLED!!! I needed that to show myself that I could do it. I didn't even miss the foods I usually eat. Not that I typically just totally fall off the wagon or anything b/c I don't but I do typically eat foods that are not in my weekly plan.

My goal as of now is the keep my food solid until Thanksgiving day. I want to earn that splurge that I plan on having. I CAN DO IT!! I WILL DO IT!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Football pictures

Here are pictures from J's Fall 2009 football season coaching the 8th grade football team.

Miss Chloe is such a poser.

Uncle Brett with his two favorite girls. Is that Woodland (the across town rival) blue he has on?

Chloe and another coaches daughter, Emma Kate, cheering on the track with the cheerleaders.

Nana (My Mom) and the girls at the last football game of the season.

Watching Daddy work and wondering what in the world those big things are on his ears.
He is in the booth for the 9th grade game communicating with the coaches on the field from a much better view.

At the last football game between the across town rivals, Woodland, they had an "alumni" nite. Well, I am an Alum of that school. So I proudly walked out on the field with my one other alum that was at the game for our graduation time period from there. Of course I was sporting my Ramay Red. I love both schools, I am very torn. Now, I didn't stand in the run through line for the 9th grade to come onto the field like all the other alums did. That might have been crossing the line.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grand Lake fishing trip

I finally downloaded some pictures off my camera. We took a fishing trip to Grand Lake in Oklahoma with some of my family in late September. Here are a few pics.

Lizzie in the boat
Close up Lizzie

Chloe and Jeremy fishing

One of J's many many fish that he caught.

Going fast in the boat. We finally realized we could set the girls int his little area and the wind would blow on their back so that it doesn't take their breath away coming at them in the face. This worked MUCH better.

J driving FAST!

I really was on the trip, here is a self portrait going fast in the boat.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Weekend!

Football is officially over for J. WOOT WOOT!! He loves it and I enjoy it while it lasts, the games at least, but we are both always glad when it comes to an end. It is just so time consuming. It has perfect timing though since it finishes in early November and then the holiday season begins and we all know how things get busy in November and December. Oh, I should probably report that his 8th grade team lost and the 9th grade team won. We will take 1 out of 2 and it is actually more important that the 9th grade wins so that is a plus.

Tomorrow the Razorbacks play South Carolina so we are going to that game and taking our girsl. I hope it goes well. I know they will get restless. The game is during Lizzie's nap so she will be tired. I am hoping for the best though and that they enjoy it.

I met again with my personal trainer this morning. It went GREAT!! I was a little worried b/c I did not sleep well last night. Just tossed and turned and woke up often. I just didn't get good rest. I thought I might be sluggish this morning but I wasn't. YEA!! I worked hard and I did not get light headed this time. I really like her and we work well together.

I am not planning any food splurges this weekend. I need to stay consistent with my healthy eating and I plan to do that.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the first weekend of November. WOW!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tonight is my husbands 8th grade football teams last game. We play the across town rival, Woodland (where I actually went to Jr. High). I am sending up my prayers and best wishes that we get a "W". It is always a fun way to end the year on a HIGH! If we don't win I hope we just play hard. J will be satisfied with that even if we can't pull out a victory.

The girls are so excited, they love the games and mostly love to wear their cheerleading outfits. It finally isn't raining on a Thursday night. We have missed several games this year b/c it has rained so much and I am not talking sprinkling. I am talking storms and down pours. NOT FUN!

So I meet with my PT in the morning at 5:30. Looking forward to it again. I didn't do exactly what I needed to this week to be completely ready but I am getting there. This is a process making yourself exercise consistently week after week and upping the intensity where it needs to be each time. OY! It is TOUGH but worth it after you are done every time. I never regret exercising.

This morning I woke up at 4:48 AM and looked at the clock thinking the alarm was going to go off in 22 minutes at 5:10. So I laid there and dozed off and then woke up again at 5:04 then openened my eyes again at 5:09 and said GET OUT OF BED, you are totally awake. Save the alarm from going off and I might not wake up J. So I did. Got in a great TM workout to start my day off on the right foot.

So wish the RAMAY INDIANS luck tonight...we need it!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I had my first personal trainer meeting on Friday morning at 5:30 AM. I was ready! I pushed hard. So hard taht 25 minutes into I had to sit down and then open the door b/c I got light headed. I did not think this would happen to me but I was breathing so hard and my heart was pumping so fast. You now those times when you think it is going to pop out of your chest. Well, after about 5 minutes I recovered and then got going again for 30 more minutes.

IT WAS TOUGH!!!! I did a circuit workout where I did 5 sets of exercises and then repeated it 3 times and then did another circuit with 4 sets of exercises and reapeated it 4 times.

The BIG NEWS is that I did 12 pushup without stopping. WHAT!! Yes, I thought I could do 3 but I did 10 the first time around and rested for 10 sec then did 5 more. The 2nd time around I did 12 in a row then the 3rd time I did 8 in a row. Now, my nose was not touching the ground by any means but my PT was calling them good so I was fine with however far I was going down. She did not expect me to go to the bottom for now. I will get there. I am SO PLEASED with what I did though. One of those times that you just underestimate your own strength.

So my homework is to do the circuits 2 more times this week before I go again on Friday.

Oh, I forgot the most important part. I WAS SO SORE on Saturday and Sunday and it is still lingering into this morning. Every single muscle in my upper leg was in total discomfort this weekend. It was bad. I was moving VERY VERY SLOW!! It has improved thank goodness so hopefully tomorrow I will be almost better so that I can just do it all over again.