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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st! Three days until the due date!

My due date is in three days on Wednesday, May 4th. I am just like every other pregnant person out there that ever lived and I am hoping that she comes BEFORE the due date. No pregnant person wants to make it to that dreaded 40 week appt. and still be pregnant. I went past my due date with Chloe, 4 days past. I went 3 days before my due date with Lizzie and that was nice. I was hoping that since this was my 3rd that I might go even earlier than with Lizzie. Of course I haven't made it to the due date just yet so I am still holding out hope. We are just so ready to see her and start getting adjusted to our new life with three little girls.

I am feeling pretty good for the most part considering I am approaching 40 weeks. I could be a lot worse. I have also been sleeping really well the past few nights which seems odd to me and I have had a lot of energy and I got a lot of stuff done at work on Friday and then a lot of stuff done at home on Saturday. I even made it up for early church then Sunday school this morning so that was actually nice to get up and get around.

I have had a few contatractions over the weekend but nothing regular at all. I will be sure to keep you updated on how things move along. Pray for an easy and smooth delivery that ends up with a very healthy baby.

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