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Friday, September 16, 2011

WHOA! It has been FOREVER since I blogged. This is a testament as to just how busy I am that I have not had much downtime at all to even update my blog at least once a week like I had been doing. Life is GREAT for us and Harlie is now 4 months old. Crazy, huh?

We are SO BUSY but ENJOYING every minute of it. I really wish I could freeze time for a few weeks at least. Harlie is just precious, the girls just adore her and J and I are doing fabulous. Things do get hectic and there is very little down time, if I have down time it is me sitting down holding Harlie and cherishing every moment of it. I have not even minded the times I have to get up with her in the middle of the night b/c I just love holding her. Now, it does make me tired but this too shall pass and I am making it just fine.

Chloe is about to turn SEVEN!! We really can't believe that. She is becoming so grown up. Lizzie is 4 1/2 and just as sassy and funny as ever.

As for me I am doing well. Not much happening on the weight loss front but that is about to change. I have lost and gained the same 5 pounds for the last 12 weeks since I have been making what I thought was an attempt to lose weight. I lose a few pounds then I gain part of it back then I lose it again then gain it back. What a vicious cycle. I am hopefull that now I will continue the downward trend though. Just tightening up the eating mostly. I haven't been exercising regularly at all and my goal is a consistent 3 days a week doing something at least for 20 minutes for now. I think I need to start blogging consistently for some accountability.

I will leave you with a precious picture of Harlie and then one of all of the girls. I just want to SQUEEZE them I love them so much!

The girls at the County Fair, they show pigs and this was in between shows which is why you see the pigs in the background.

Yes, she smiles like this ALL of the time. She is one of the happiest most laid back babies I have ever been around.


arkansasrunner said...

I've missed you girl!

Natalie said...

hope you had an amazing summer!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog. It even motivated me to blog some more... If you are on facebook, please send me a friend request!!! You can use my email address associated with this blogger account to find me.

Jessica said...

Dawn, your babies are sooo cute! Miss you!! xo