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Friday, May 4, 2012

Days go by like a FLASH in time.

I can't believe it has been 1 month since I have posted here. It feels like about a week. 

In regard to what I posted last in early April, you would think that one would be able to accomplish their very own challenge they set out for themselves. Unfortunately, that was NOT the case here.  My goal was to do 20 minutes of exercise 20 days straight.  Well let's just say that didn't happen. I believe in that 20 days I got in 7 days of exercise.  Better than none I suppose is one way to look at it but really not that good is another way to look at it.  Not dwelling on it though. Learning from my mistakes and moving on. 

My what seems to be more of a realistic goal now is to exercise 4 days a week for the month of May.  For this first week of May I have done only 2 days. So in order to meet my goal I would have to exercise on both Saturday and Sunday.  Hmmmm, I feel good about doing something Saturday morning but honestly I am not that hopeful for Sunday morning. Crazier things have happened though. 

As  for food I am rockin' and rollin'. FINALLY I have some consistent hopefully fat melting meals going on. Now the challenge is to keep this up through my weekends which often trip me up.  I can do it though. I WILL DO IT! FAT BE GONE!!!

Oh and just to update you, as of tomorrow I am 23 weeks away from my tough mudder competition event that signed up for.  MUST GET TO WORK!

Have a great weekend.

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