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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cruising along

I have done 2 mornings in a row of AM workouts. Knocked out 2 - 4 mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday and I feel great. I really pushed them and upped my speed and I love doing that. It really shows me that I can push myself a little further than I thought I could. I will do strength training in the morning and then a 3 mile run on Friday and then a 13 mile run on Saturday.

My food has been going so much better also. I realized that I was letting myself have about 5 too many treats each week and 2-3 of those were meals and as a result my weight went up and my pants are tight. As much as I want to from time to time I just can't eat like that. Of course it was the holiday season and it was nice to give myself a little leeway I am not sure it was worth it. I am not beating myself up about it by any means I just learn over time things/foods that are worth it and ones that are not and several of the things I ate were not worth it. At least I live in learn though. For the past 1 1/2 weeks though I have been SOLID on my food. I am not having any cheats for a few weeks. I just need to prove to myself that I don't want/need that stuff. Now I am having a fruit popsicle or popcorn or jello or even a bagel w/ cream cheese on it from time to time and so those things keep me satisfied and not feeling deprived.

Here is my food for today:
post run - 1/2 orange
B - oatmeal, peaches, banana
S - apple w/ peanut butter
L - turkey sandwich, homemade tomato soup and spinach w/ dried cranberries and light dressing
S - string cheese and carrots
D - not sure yet, I am thinking something with ground turkey b/c we have that in the fridge and we need to use it.

All in all things are going really well and my weight is slowly creeping back down. WOOT!


Brandi said...

Hey girl. Well I go to see a podiatrist next Monday. I'm hoping he will give me some news as to how long I will be out of training. I was told by the Dr to stay off of it as much as I can. Well that is hard for me to do! I've been walking on it this week some, just because I HATE the crutches. It's sore a little especially at night or in the morning but I'm dealing with it. I hope to get the ok to do some biking or something next week. I'm going to go stir crazy not doing anything. If I'm told not to run I do plan on walking the marathon just to do it.

Mike and Tammy said...

I came by your blog and I have to say you really inspired me. You look amazing. You have given me more hope that I, too can achieve my goal to become more fit.


djmadmike said...

nice ive been planning on doing a what i ate today video for my blog...so many people ask me what to do or what to eat so it might be a cool idea.