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Friday, January 23, 2009


Tomorrow I will be running 16 miles with Jess. I feel as ready as I will ever be. I don't dread them that bad when I have someone to do it with. I always enjoy talking to Jess and with running 16 miles you have PLENTY of talking time. I am going to try a different fueling method throughout my run so I am anxious to see how that will work for me.
There are only 51 days until the marathon. I simply can't believe it is about to be here. I feel like it has been forever since we decided to do it and now it is just around the corner. I have been training since September and I am so ready to complete this journey.
Tonight I will be having my favorite pre-run meal of a baked potato with pulled pork, baked beans and cole slaw from a favorite bbq place in town. I love this meal and it is perfect to eat before a long run. Fuels me up just right.
I am chugging the water today like always to get my water stores up and upping the sodium too. I love Friday's b/c I get to eat a little more food and a little more carbs. This is the great payoff of running for sure.
ok, I will let you know how the run goes. Think of me and as always say a little prayer as prepared as we feel that we are we can always use some extra prayers.

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Juli said...

Look at you go....good luck! I can't wait to hear all about the marathon. Also, congrats on the family additions. :)