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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend get-a-way to the BEACH!

My husband surprised me with a weekend get-a-way to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. This is a long 11 hour drive for us but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT and I would do it again. We both LOVE the beach and it is so relaxing and beautiful (well now until the oil gets there). We had such a good time together. We enjoy spending time together but often with the hustle and bustle of life you forget that or you don't get to spend hardly anytime along without 1000 things on your to do list. You all know how it is. Anyway, we took some time to ourselves to enjoy life and that is exactly what we did.

I enjoyed wearing a bikini on the beach for the very first time EVER!! I was a little self conscious of it in the beginning but then as I started to look around I realized that although I don't look perfect in my bikini...97% of the other women in their bikini DON'T EITHER!!! The very few that looked really good were teenagers or early to mid 20 year olds. This was a great realization in my mind and I am so glad I figured this out. I embraced my flaws and felt GREAT about my strong body characteristics.

I didn't get very many pics actually and J and I didn't even get one together. BOO. The time went by too fast but it was still worth it.

Here I am on the beach in my BIKINI!!! This is our little area we had set up. The white sand is powdery soft and so beautiful.

Here I am with a close up just enjoying the sites. Oh it was a little piece of heaven.

My beach drink of choice:

Read this book from time to time when I wasn't looking around or closing my eyes getting a little nap.

My view from my beach chair.

The sand between my toes.

My breakfast at the condo. Bought egg whites at the grocery store (with cinnamon and splenda mixed in them, my favorite). Brought pre-made pacs of oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda as well for 3 breakfast mornings. To drink I had water with grape Xtend that I talked about last week.

This is how a bikini competitor does it on the road. My tuna mixed up with some spicy southwestern mustard kept in the cooler in the back. This was actually 2 servings. One for now and one for later.

Sliced cucumbers. YUM!

My single serving of almonds so I don't eat too much.

To top off my great beach trip I weighed in on Friday before I left at a new all time low of 132. Then I decided to weigh this morning just for kicks. Travel almost always shoots up the scale but not this time. It said I was down 1.2 pounds to 130.8. WHOA!!! I could not believe it I guess that is happen when you stick to your food plan and your metabolism is on fire. WOOT! I will take it.


Tara said...

You look great Dawn! glad that you finally realised that there are not many women out there who look perfect in bikini's either. You gotta be happy in your own skin. And... OMG @ u drinking a Dr Pepper. I love Dr Pepper. don't get them in Australia anymore, well not that I have found. Havent had one of them since the early 90's :( I is sad :(

Stacia said...

Congrats on staying with your plan!! You look great!!

Lisa (I'm an Okie) said...

congrats on the loss! You are on fire and definitely in the zone :)

i am Susan said...

Dawn, you looks so happy.
Can you believe that you only have 10 sleeps left? That is crazy!!! Keep up the good work...you are a hottie!!