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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

25 weeks already!!!!

WHOA!!! As of tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be 25 weeks pregnant. Which means I ONLY have 15 weeks left. I can hardly believe it. The first 12 weeks seemed to drag and now it is flying by.

We have SO MUCH to get done and so little time. The Husband and I have got to get on the ball. For starters we are turning our garage into a living area.

To do list:

- finish painting and slightly move out building so that it is straight
- start filling out building with stuff from the garage
- sale or get rid of remainder of stuff in the garage that we don't need
- put in insulation and build wall in garage along garage door
- paint garage
- move exercise equipment and toys from spare bedroom into garage and figure out some sort of organized system for the toys.
- paint babies room, a light green color I think
- put up baby bed and get out all of the clothes from the other two girls and wash them and get them in the chest of drawers ready to go.
- start stocking up on diapers and wipes. I have clothes and blankets and such, not too worried about that stuff.
- Move chair out of our room into new living area in garage so we will have room for pack-n-play in bedroom for baby Harlie to sleep in.

ok, so this list was more for my benefit than yours. I feel like if we can get the stuff in the shed and do something with the excess stuff in the garage that will be a huge start. Then make the wall then paint then the rest won't be too bad.

15 weeks and counting down FAST. We gotta get busy!!!!

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