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Friday, January 27, 2012

I lied!!

I stated in my last couple of post that I would be blogging on a regular basis, well....that doesnt' seem to be the case. I suppose I will just pop in here when I feel like I have a few extra minutes that should be taken up by blogging.

So you know I was going to zumba and I was loving it!!! I haven't been back I dont' think since I posted about it. Which I think was about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks ago. Oops! As much as I loved it is difficult for me to get away in the evenings even if it is just 2 days a week. I can do it but not on a regular basis as things come up and such that I want or need to tend to after work. Plus, since I work full time I obviuosly like spending time with my kiddos and husband and that has to be done in the evening after I get to them at 5:30. So I do intend to go back to a class but I just don't know when at this point. It was so much fun and a great workout and I highly recommend it.

Right now I am trying to decide on if I should/want to commit to a rather large fitness event/goal. I have my thinking cap on right now and am going to talk to my husband about it this weekend. I will get back with you and let you know if I move forward with it or if I shift gears and do something else.

Have a great upcoming weekend. It is in the 50's here and the sun has been shining. It is BEAUTIFUL for January. I am loving it.

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Stacia said...

ANd now your all signed up :)