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Friday, December 12, 2008

14 miles on Saturday

I am getting geared up for my longest distance so far of 14 miles that I will do on Saturday. Between the two people that I am running the marathon with, Jess and Corinne, we decided to shoot for a 13 minute mile so that is what I will do this lon training run at. So it will take about 3 hours. It does seem like forever sometimes but I just have to do it. It just comes a long with the training. Once it is over with I will be beyond proud of myself and just so happy so I know it will be worth it. When you are just thinking about it though it is extremely overwhelming. o.k. I have to quit thinking about it now.

I had a work Christmas party today at an italian place. It was delicious. I got in some good pasta carbs and I even ate a piece of cheesecake. YUM!! I have antoher Christmas party tonight with husbands work friends. It should be fun too. They are always good for a heart laugh or two or ten. I am just concerned about getting home too late and not being rested for my run. Hopefully, I can get husband out of there at a decent hour. We shall see how that goes.

o.k say a little prayer for me mid-morning on Saturday that I am started and doing well and as always avoiding injury.

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