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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Memphis bound!

I am headed to Memphis this weekend to run in the St. Jude half marathon. I will be doing it with several fellow Phit-N-Phat'ers. A few of which have never run a race at all much less a half marathon. I am looking SO FORWARD TO IT!! As crazy as it sounds this will be my 3rd half marathon so I am not really worried about since I obviously know I can finish it. I am really looking forward to enjoying the experience with those that this is their first time b/c it is an amazing experience to push yourself to do something like this. When you think of all of the time, training, thought and preparation that went into training for a half marathon and then when you actually cross the finish line there are just few experiences like it.

As for me, I am doing SO MUCH BETTER! I ran 3 times last week and then I ran this morning and so far so good with my foot. I put it in ice water for about 5 minutes after every run and it hasn't bothered me yet. After my long run of 13 miles on Saturday that will be a true test to see how it will hold up for the longer distances. My neck has much improved and I still do the massage to it every few days then I do my neti pot once a day at night to keep my sinuses cleaned out so I can keep breathing good. So far so good.

BIGGEST LOSER is no tonight. This is where they get the big makeovers and then they are revealing their new looks on the Tyra Banks show. That entire show will air on Wednesday. I already have the DVR set to record. Oh, I can't wait to see them. I really can't wait to see Michelle and Renee, the Mom and Daughter team. They are so beautiful already and were when they started the show. I can't wait to see them all fixed up and with nice clothes that actually fit them. CAN'T WAIT!!

I got my 3 mile run done this AM so nothing would get in my way of watching the show. I will start it though late after my girls go to bed. Love the DVR!!

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Teresa said...

Hope the foot doesn't give you any trouble in the race. Good luck to all the new runners.