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Friday, February 19, 2010

FOOD!!! The stuff I miss.

As odd as it may seem, considering I spent about 13 years of my life overweight, the food part of the competitor process is rather easy for me. Now that I have had my healthy lifestyle mindset in place for about 4 years now and I know what types of food I have to eat to keep it just that, a lifestyle, I do not struggle with the strict diet I am on now (as of now anyway, that will probably be a different story about 4-6 weeks out). I am 16 weeks out now.

I just don't seem to be phased by tempations and I think it is purely from knowing what I want (basically having a goal and knowing what it will take to reach it) which is to stand on stage in a bikini and know that I did everything in my power to get there and in order to do that you CANNOT get off your plan and one little thing could trip you up b/c it might be what sends you into a binge of a bag of chips or 6 slices of pizza.

Two of my favorite splurge meals are pizza or chips and cheese dip and at this moment in time I don't even want them. I have a fear of them actually b/c I am SO FOCUSED and I am afraid one bite would end up with the whole pizza or 2 baskets of chips and 2 bowls of dip which would probably make me sick for one thing and would set me too far back in my process of getting to the stage (from a mental aspect mainly) Frankly, it isn't worth the 20 minutes of satisfaction that I would get from the taste of the foods to not reach my goal.

The thing is also that I don't eat those foods regularly when I am NOT in competition mode. I might eat them one time a week though and that is only if I feel like I have enough control to get back to my healthy plan. So by no means are those foods part of my everyday life anymore.

The foods that are slightly tempting to me are the foods that are part of my normal healthy maintenance diet.

This is the honest truth, the food that I miss the most are the healthy fruits and decently heatlhy carbs that I love that aren't on my plan at the moment.

STRAWBERRIES...OH MY! I love me some strawberries. I was cutting some of up for my husband and kids the other day and I wanted to pop about 5 of them in my mouth...but I didn't.

Apples...FUJI APPLES that is, the only kind in my book. The other day my husband had some of them sliced up and he had the nerve to wave it under my nose. I told him that was a quick way to lose a finger. I WANT AN APPLE so bad and some peanut butter on it would be bonus.

BANANAS!!!! Oh how I would love to slice up a banana and put it in a bowl of fiber one cereal with some skim milk. HEAVEN!! Or maybe just peel the banana and slather some peanut butter on each bite.

TORTILLAS, I love to put put a slice of cheese in a tort and melt in the microwave and dip it in salsa. Or also put a laughing cow wedge in it and top it with turkey pepperoni. YUM!

Last but certainly not least...SUGAR FREE MAPLE SYRUP, oh and some whip cream. I LOVE pancakes now, protein ones of course and although I have made some variations of them I do not put syrup on them at the moment and I can't wait until 16 weeks is up and I can. LOVE ME SOME SF MAPLE SYRUP and then you squirt some whip cream on them and it seriously taste like dessert.

Now that I have tortured myself I think I will stop with the food porn as it is often referred to. You can tell that I will be requesting a fruit tray after the competition and then I will hit up I-HOP for some pancakes and sf syrup and then I might stop by the Mexican place for some tortillas and cheese and I will probably have a basket of chips and cheese dip while I am there too. Maybe 2 baskets. HA


Jessica said...

Ah! The healthy cravings begin! Good luck, you're doing great!! xo

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how your tastes buds change and a banana looks like a chocolate bar...that may be pushing it ;)

No sugar = bikini competitor!!

Jessica's Journey said...

You are so funny! I can only imagine what you girls will want after the competition!

Kelly said...

You can't have fruit when you're getting ready to compete?! Really? I know nothing of the figure competition world. Why is fruit off the menu? Too much sugar?

Becca said...

April & jes are totally right with the healthy cravings. I wanted a banana SO BAD for that last 2 months of my diet. LOL. It was something feirce taking a hold of me.

PS. Walden Farms Pancake syrup. VERY much like the SF Maple but no carbs. If you can't find it by you, I'll ship you some. Let me know.