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Friday, February 5, 2010

Newsflash...SIZE 6

SIZE 6 SIZE 6 SIZE 6!!!!

OH YEA!! Size 6 pair of jeans on my bootie today! The first time that has happened since I was an early teenager. I don't recall wearing a 6 but I am certain I did at some point in my junior high years. What a GREAT feeling this is.

A friend had given me these jeans almost a year ago b/c they were too big for her and I have tried them on several times between then and now and they wouldn't even button a year ago and then they have slowly been getting close as the months went on and TODAY I am finally able to wear them out of the house and they fit perfectly.

I have a busy weekend planned with getting clothes ready for a consignment sale, a RAZORBACK basketball game, church, food prep and EXERCISE!!! Looking forward to the weekend though as always.

Have a good one!


Julie said...

Wow, that is awesome and soo exciting for you! I love that feeling!

Tawnya said...

Wooohooo!!! Nice work. You should post a pic for us ;)

i am Susan said...

Congrats!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Super job!!! You go strut in those jeans girl!!!

Jessica said...

I wanna see pics! You have officially shrunken more than me!

cerina said...

Yay!! Right on, size 6 is awesome!! Great job :D