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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More food talk.

I had several people ask me about not eating fruit and why that was.

First, let me say that fruit is good for you and in the words of Corinne from Phit-N-Phat "You didn't get fat from eating too many fruits and veggies." She says this to people when they are like "can I have this fruit or that fruit or this veggie or that veggie." The answer is YES in 99% of the occasions. The 1% exception to that is if you are on a competitor diet and to my knowledge even that isn't always true all of the time.

This is just based of what I know as of now from watching a few people do this process and from what I have learned so far going through my own process. If you have a considerable amount of fat to lose (like I do) for a competition of some sort you want NO SUGAR whatsoever. Fruit has sugar, although it is natural sugar it is still sugar. I do think there are some competitors depending on what stage they are in of their prep period (and how much fat they have to lose) that do eat minnimal fruit but at some point they cut it out. Since I have a lot of fat to lose I don't have time to be messing around and I can't afford to have the fruit for even a few weeks so it has been no fruit for me for the last 12 weeks and will continue to be that way for 16 more weeks.

Also, NO DAIRY b/c of the sugars in that as well (I believe that is the reason).

In a normal meal plan even one where you are in fact trying to drop the fat YOU CAN have fruit and dairy and still lose weight. You wouldn't want to eat your weight in it of course but as everything you can have it in moderation and fruit is encouraged b/c of its nutritional value (in my opinion).

The competitor diet is extreme since you are in fact trying to stand on stage in a bikini. You gotta pull out all the stops. I can live without fruit and dairy if it gets me to the stage.

I tell ya, I appreciate the taste of my food and just healthy food in general through this process. Having limited variety and limited ways to cook things you truly learn the value of food and its purpose to fuel your body.

It blows my mind that I could go from eating 3-4 bowls of fruity pebbles in one night and sitting down in the recliner with a tube of cookie dough for dessert (just for the record I wouldn't eat the whole tube but maybe 1/3 of it...umm, that was enough) to what I am doing now.

NEVER SAY NEVER PEOPLE!! You are selling yourself short if you do.


cerina said...

OMG, this is great advice and just when I needed it. You and Becca a fellow blogger (I think you both follow each other) You 2 have inspired me SO MUCH!!! And I’m looking into going on stage in my area. SO EXCITED and SO SCARRED!! I know I need to challenge myself after I complete my BFL program which will end soon. SO it just makes sense to challenge myself and get my ass on stage!! LOVE YOUR BLOG and all your advice!!!

Jessica said...

You've got your facts straight! Great responses! I had people say to me, "You know, life is too short to stress over what you eat." My response was, "I have plenty of life yet to live, so for 15 measley weeks, I can cut this/that out."

OMG I can't wait until you're down to the size that you're ready to share super-duper progress pics! Woot woot Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Great post and I'm so glad that you told people that you don't get fat from eating fruits and veggies - I want to scream that from the roof tops! LOL

Kelly said...

Ok. Thanks for clarifying. I was wondering about that.

Can't wait for the big day!!! Seems like just yesterday you were tarining for a marathon and now this! Wow, what's next?! :)

Becca said...

Fabulous responses. Yes, fruit is good. yes you can eat it from time to time, (some competitors even do) but the reason fruit isn't in YOUR diet is exactly as you stated above.

In response to Kelly's comment - what's next is Dawn in running for president! :) YAY!