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Monday, May 17, 2010

26 days to go and progress pics

As you probably remember on Saturday night I was going to have my last of my cheat meals. Just to re-cap I had rotel/cheese dip at home before I went to eat with my family. Then we had salad w/ ranch and crackers and PIZZA (it was my favorite part), then we had ice cream. I had cheesecake flavored with butterfinger mixed in. YUM! Then we had no bake cookies at my parenst house. Actually, as luck might have it my Mom doesn't measure ingredientd for her no bake cookies, she just puts a litte of this and a little of that in there and they had WAY too much cocoa in them and I didn't like them nearly as much as usual so I only ate 2 of those. Good thing though b/c I was STUFFED!! It was VERY VERY satisfying though and should tide my mind over for the next 26 days.

Here is the rotel cheese dip BEFORE:

Here is is AFTER!! Going in my belly. Please excuse my head being chopped off. Chloe took this.

Didn't get pictures at the pizza place b/c I was too busy stuffing my mouth. Here is the ice cream though and Lizzie with her blue cotton candy ice cream.
Chloe loves to take pictures with my camera so after my workout Sunday morning while we were eating breakfast she said "show me your muscles and I get your picture."

Then we had to take a pic of Chloe's muscles.

and last but certainly not least, Lizzie's muscles.

Here are my progress pics from this past Friday morning at 29 days out and 133 pounds.


cerina said...

Looking hott mama!! Keep it up!! I can't wait till you hit the stage and complete your goal. All this hard work is so going to be worth it!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful girls!!

Jessica said...

Yay Dawn! Soooo proud of you! I love your lil girls' muscle pics!! yea!

The Lewis's said...

Lookin great dawn! You are almost there! The girls are adorable:)

Cara said...

holy cow you have some awesome muscles!

Stacia said...

You look awesome! The girls are too cute!

Tiffa said...

Whoa! You look amazing! Look at the pipes on ya :) KEep up the awesome work and I know you will rock at your competition!

Becca said...

WHOO!!! I love it with the babies flexin'!