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Monday, May 24, 2010

19 days until the stage!

WOW BLOG WORLD, it is only NINETEEN DAYS until I step on the stage in a bikini. WHOA!

I cannot beleive that it is almost here. I know I say that every time but I just can't get over how fast the time has gone by.

I am doing pretty well for the most part. Every time I put in my bikini and I look in the mirrror my initial reaction is AMAZEMENT! Then I start really looking and I am like, oh this darn skin or those darn stretch marks or I still have fat pooching here or there. Then I have to re group and remind myself of where I started just 25 weeks ago and then where I was way before that at over 200 pounds and then I am thankful and proud of where I am now and how my body looks. From where I was I have TRULY TRANSOFORMED my body AND my mind. I feel GREAT!

I am trying to slowly mark things off my competition to do list. Not to mention that I will be traveling for 2 weeks post competition with my family. I am not stressing over that though. There is a Wal-Mart where we are going and I can buy anything we need when we get there. Just worrying about the competition first and foremost.

I have my suit
I have my shoes
I have ordered my tanning stuff and it should be here this week
I got my nails done (not something you have to do but I wanted to)
Got a pedicure and I will get nails and toes re-done right before I leave
I need to get my fake eyelashes at Wal-greens
I need to get my rolly suit case down from the attic to take everything that I need the day of the competition b/c you don't want to carry a bag on your shoulder and mess up your tan
Make up - one of my trainers is doing my make up Saturday morning and she has that so I am covered there
Jewelry - borrowing jewelry from one of my trainers in Nashville
Hair cut (trim) this Friday for the girls and I. YAY! Love a fresh hair cut.
Teeth - totally not on the list but it just so happens that I am getting my teeth cleaned on June 3rd about a week before I leave so my teeth will be nice and purty!
Tanning - still tanning as of now but will cut that out in about 2 weeks (1 week prior to the show)
Entry to comp - mailed entry last week for the competition and I will get another card that I need when I get there.
Hotel - booked and ready to go

FOOD!!! - The most important part. My trainer will be sending my last weeks meal plan in the near future so I can start planning for that. As soon as I step off the stage and the moment is right I am eating a shiny and crisp fuji apple with smuckers natural peanut butter on it. That is something that I ate on a daily basis for several years and I MISS IT BIG TIME!! Can't wait to sink my teeth into that. Plus some raw carrrots. I am taking those with me too. Oh the CRUNCH of an apple and carrots and my heavenly peanut butter!!!

That sums up the major parts of what I have gotten done or need to get done. Only 18 1/2 more days left to make this happen and only 16 days until I leave town. Oh I am getting SO EXCITED!


Sarah said...

It has been really great to follow your journey online (even though I work at UA also - we "met" on the WW Diamonds board waaaaaaaay back). I am so impressed and, I feel silly saying it, proud of you. Wonderful job and we all want to see pics!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm getting so excited for you! It's getting so close!

Teresa said...

You are looking fabulious. Have fun on stage. Can't wait to see the final stage photos.

Stacia said...

You rock! You are almost there :)