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Friday, August 6, 2010

My current menu

So I thought I would post what my current menu is looking like.

B - 6 egg whites, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Almost exactly what I ate for 7 months during bikini comp prep minus the blue berries. I just love this breakfast. I am so addicted to my oatmeal and egg whites with cinnamon and splenda on both that I can't deter from this habitual breakfast.

Mid - morning snack - 12 almonds and a protien shake

L - Cole slaw mixture with a little bit of light miracle whip and spicy southwestern mustard with a can of tuna mixed in (this is really good and so easy). 1 cucumber or 1 bell pepper with 2 tbsp of hummus

Aft snack - apple and peanut butter

Aft snack #2 (I am always hungriest in the afternoons so I have two snacks) - 12 almonds and either sf/ff pudding or sf jello

Dinner - some type of protein like ground turkey, chicken or lean ground beef and a green veggie

If hungry before bed I have a protein shake with a little bit of water, 1 tbsp of sf/ff jello pudding powder, 1 scoop of protein powder and lots of ice mixed up in the magic bullet. It comes out slushy. It is really good.

So that is how my current menu looks. I don't deviate from it very much b/c I just eat the same things over and over.


Texas Gunslinger said...

I'm with you on breakfast-- I LOVE my morning oatmeal with bee pollen, flaxseed, cinnamon and egg whites. I don't get tired of it and will eat this all the time, regardless of competition prep:)

I've got to try your nightly protein shake...yum^2!

Jessica said...

Wow, Dawn! You are still eating a wonderfully healthy diet!!! I do well, but I cannot say the same for myself!! lol

Lisa said...

hey, I have a question. I have seen the egg whites/oatmeal breakfast everywhere. Do you mix the two? Or eat them seperately? Just curious, may be a stupid question. Thanks =)

Lisa said...

Thank you for explaining =) And pictures, awesome!!