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Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been MIA. Sorry about that. I was trying to update my blog more frequently and that obviously isn't happening.

My daughter started Kindergarten this week and my focus has been solely on that. I have been anticipating this for a while now and very excited about it on one hand but very nervous about it on the other. My daughter is very timid with new things or change and I just wasn't sure how this would go. She has gone to a preschool 3 days a week for 4 years so she is used to that but almost always cried the first few days so obviously I assume K would be the same.

Well the first day came on Thursday and she SURPRISINGLY did well. No tears at all. My husband and I held it together until we got out of her site and then we shed a few tears just b/c we can't believe our baby girl is in K. WOW, what a huge life milestone to start school. I still can't believe it.

Here she is on her first day:
With her sweet and very proud little Sister. Lizzie goes around the house saying "Chloe going go big school." It is so sweet.
In her K room at her table.

Waving good bye to us with a smile. AWWWW!! What a moment that was.

Then comes the 2nd day of K which was this morning. She went to sleep so good last night and woke up in a good mood and the morning was going GREAT until we got to her K door and she did a 180 on me and had a complete meltdown. IT WAS BAD!! I started crying b/c I felt so bad for her and she would not go in the door and she stood in the hall for almost 15 minutes refusing to go in and then going limp when I tried to pick her up. Finally I got her into the room and told the student teacher I was going to leave and she restrained her as she cried and screamed "Mom" as I went out the door. Talk about HEARTBREAKING!! I knew she would be fine in a matter of minutes but it is very difficult to leave your child in such anguish. UGH!!
Thanks to e-mail I was able to to contact the teacher and she let me know that Chloe was doing fine. She held her for a bit and she calmed down and all was well now.
We shall see how Monday goes. Here's hoping for the best.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, what a sweety :) Your girls are precious!

Coming from a preschool teacher, many kids react this way, so don't feel alone, and 90% of the time after Mom and Dad have left the kids are fine within 10 minutes.

When she gets home, ask her something "fun" that she did at school...and when Monday morning rolls around and she's acting "iffy" remind her of the "fun" moment or moments she the last time she was at school.

Texas Gunslinger said...

Oh wow! I'm sorry Chloe had a tough morning:(

I taught first grade last year and I had a few kiddos who would cry like the dickens the first few minutes after being dropped off and then, in an instant, start laughing and joking with other kids! I was always blown away by their "180" emotions HA!

Kids are really funny and I found when they were "distracted" from leaving mom or dad and were partnered with a buddy in the morning to work on a puzzle or read a book together, they totally forgot why they were sad! Go figure!

Here's hoping she'll be all smiles from here on out! :)