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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

15 week Dr. appt. and more

I had a Dr. appt. this morning and all went very well. The Dr. found the heartbeat very quickly and it was a strong 160bpm. He said "do you know what that means?" I said a "healthy baby." He said "yep, a healthy boy or a girl." I said, "GREAT, exactly what I am hoping for." It was funny.

I then had some blood drawn which wasn't bad the ladies that do it are so good and it is just a little prick then they are done. WOOT!! Love that.

I go back in 5 weeks on December 14th for my 20 week ultrasound where we will get to see our baby but NOT find out the sex of it. We are taking our girls with us. They can't wait to see the baby. I am so interested to see what they will think of it.
Oh and I must add that I have exercised 3 mornings in a row. The past several weeks it has been sporadic but I am feeling really good and I figured with the time change that would give me a boost this week and it has and I have gotten in 3 AM workouts and I can tell. My body and my mind feel even better because of it. 1 more for the week in the morning to meet my weekly goal of 4 workouts each week.

Tomorrow is my FRIDAY. I am leaving town after work with the husband and some friends so that my husband can go hunting and I can just go veg. No kids!!! Looking forward to the time away.

Oh and tonight the husband and I have a weeknight DATE NIGHT. We are going to see the one and only MERLE HAGGARD!!!! OH YEA!!!


Ness said...

Time goes fast in no time you will have baby # 3 i am so excited to have my baby #1 in less than a week...i wish you a wonderful pregnancy !!

Jessica said...

Can't wait to watch your baby grow!!

Amanda said...

Hey Dawn! I had no idea you were expecting baby #3! Congratulations!!! That's is very exciting news.

If it's okay with you, I'm going to add you to my blog roll so I can keep up with ya! :)