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Monday, November 8, 2010

15 weeks (almost)

I am 2 days shy of 15 weeks pregnant. WOOT!! It is finally picking up speed. I think that is b/c my days at work are busy as well as my evenings at home or not at home as they have been recently.

I am feeling REALLY GOOD!! I am loving the time change that just occured on Sunday. It gives me that morning boost that I need to get up and exercise. Hopefully, I can get my consistency back before I get used to the time change. An added bonus this morning my kids woke up on their own in such good moods and there was NO WHINING and it was SO GREAT!! Again, that won't last long b/c they will get used to the time change but I will take the good mornings that I can get for now.

I have a Dr. appt. on Wednesday to check the heart beat again and then to do a blood test. The appt. I schedule after that will be the 20 week ultrasound. Although, we ARE NOT finding out the sex of the baby I am still looking forward to that.


Texas Gunslinger said...

You are a rockstar, Dawn! I love women who continue working out and staying fit and healthy during pregnancy! That is such a motivation to me and I have plans to do the same when I'm cookin' HAHA!

Gosh, I can't believe you are 15 weeks pregnant already? Sheesh, time goes by so flippin' fast! Also, I think that is pretty cool that you aren't finding out the sex of the baby until it arrives. That is so fun and exciting!!

Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

Congrats! This all all so exciting!

And yes...the wedding I went to this weekend was in Rogers, Arkansas.