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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16 weeks and an amnio

According to a website that sends me weekly updates of the baby and the growth the baby is now the size of an avocado and about 4 1/2 inches long.

Last week I had a blood test for genetic birth defects and my Dr. called me on Monday and said it came back elevated with some potential markers towards deffects. I had this same issue when pregnant with Lizzie. We chose to do an amniocentesis last time and we chose to do that again this time. Although, we feel like the results this time will be the same as last time, a false positive, we want to make 100% sure so that we are the most prepared.

If you have never had an amnio they sound and look much worse than they actually are. I was nervous about the procedure 4 years ago when I had it with my 2nd pregnancy but after it was over I thought "that wasn't bad at all." Then this time around it didn't worry me at all. Of course there is a slight risk with having an amnio so it is a personal choice to have one and you have to accept the risk. Both Dr.'s that perfomed mine were SUPERB and it was so quick and easy and painless. It really is an amazing procedure to me that they can stick a needle through your stomach and all the way into the womb and withdraw amniotic fluid and then it replenishes itself within 2 hours and the small hole made grows back together quickly also. Of course the whole miracle of a baby and birth still just blows my mind.

So now is the 2 week waiting period while they test the amniotic fluids chormosones and such to see how it looks. Hopefully, I will hear back about it the Monday after Thanksgiving. Although, I do feel hopeful about the results you do just never know. Prayers are appreciated.


Texas Gunslinger said...

Dawn, you, your family and the health of your baby are in my prayers! Trust in God:) I hope you hear nothing but wonderful results soon to set your heart at ease:)

Amanda said...

I've always wondered about that. I will definitely be praying for.