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Thursday, December 16, 2010

20 weeks. HALF WAY THERE!! OH YEA!!!

Here is the baby. All was well. Of course we knew everything was good genetically from the results of the amnio but it was good to actually SEE a healthy looking baby on the screen. Not sure how well you can see these but they will have to do.

profile pic with head/body and arm/hand up by the head.
Another profile pic. The nurse said it was waving at the girls. (They were with us)

This is the face. You can see the eye sockets and bridge of nose and mouth and chin.

So I am 20 weeks along now. I can't believe it. I am glad it is finally going by fast though b/c those first 10 weeks or so just seemed to creep.

I am still doing really well. Feeling GREAT!!! I don't sleep well but what's new. The other night I woke up at 1 in the morning to pee and COULD NOT for the life of me go back to sleep. I ended up having to go to the living room with my book and I read 4 chapters and laid back down at 2:30 and I think I might have gone to sleep about 3. So frustrating when you are so tired. Of course even when people aren't pregnant they have sleep patterns like this.

Exercise is non-existent. No excuses though, just not doing it. I just am not making myself. I will eventually though. I was doing pretty well with it for about 15 weeks then it got pushed to the side.

I can't believe it is 9 days before Christmas. This really is blowing my mind. I am SO EXCITED though. I love Christmas and so does my husband so this is always fun and you can imagine how much a 3 1/2 and 6 year old child loves it.

I do wish we would get some snow. I LOVE to watch it snow. I am not hopeful though that we will get some anytime soon.

Bye for now. Have a great weekend. We have a Christmas party to go to and a church choir concert that the girls will sing in. I also have to do the shopping for J b/c I only have him one small gift so far.


Texas Gunslinger said...

PRECIOUS! I absolutely love seeing the photos of little miracles in the womb! I bet it's going to be SO INCREDIBLE when I get to experience that myself!

SO SO SO glad your pregnancy is going so well! I hope you and your sweet family have an amazing and blessed Christmas!!! Enjoy it because you'll get your real gift in May HAHA! (The gift that keeps on givin' HAHA)

Stacia said...

Oh look at that baby!! Yippie!

Jessica's Journey said...

Those are great ultrasound pics. We have yet to get a good one of our little one. You can really see lots of features! So exciting!