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Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 1/2 weeks left. THAT'S IT!!!

The days are VERY QUICKLY going by. We still have a lot to get done but for some reason I am not worried about it. I know it will get done and if not then after she comes it will get done. Just trying to enjoy my last few weeks of being pregnant ever and the last few weeks of having just Chloe and Lizzie in our life.

We have a BIG weekend coming up next weekend with my BIL and future SIL getting married this is the husbands middle brother. Both girls are flower girls and then J is a best man along with the other younger brother. So we have events Friday night with rehearsal and dinner then hair done and pictures and wedding and reception on Saturday. Sunday we will be celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Talk about impressive!! There actual 50th anniversary is on April 7th. Just getting this party in a few weeks early. Looking forward to a lot of friends and family coming out to visit with them.

I still have not taken any pictures of my belly recently. I am having camera issues and it is not working. I can borrow my Mom's but have to remember to get it when I see her. I hope to post something soon though so you can all see my growing belly. I am so mesmerized by pregnant bellies, even my own. I just don't see how they stretch out that much and to think there is a small human in there. BLOWS MY MIND!

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