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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9 weeks AND COUNTING!!!

I swear I will post a picture soon. I just have not gotten around to taking one recently. I will though. I do think pregnant bellies are just the coolest things so I need to get to documenting mine regularly, especially these last few weeks when it really grows.

I am hanging in there and growing by the day. I do feel well for the most part and I have another good pregnancy like I have had with the last two but there is no denying that you just get SO UNCOMFORTABLE as time goes on. It is all worth it but it is still uncomfortable. I do enjoy all of the moving around and kicking she is doing. That is just priceless!!!

I have my 32 week check up next Tuesday then I will go every 2 weeks for 2 times then it will be weekly appointments. WHOA!!!! It really is getting close. I need to accept it. As much as I want her to be here a little part of me wishes time would slow down. Still so much to do with work and getting her room ready and big family events coming up like my BIL's wedding and my parents 50th wedding anniversary and Lizzie's 4th birthday. Now those things will make the month of March fly by.

ok, the next time I post will be a picture of my pregnant and growing belly!

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Katie J said...

You must be getting excited! I wanted to share this and hopefully you can see it. They are maternity shots of a family and are done by another blogger named Jennifer Brindley. She lives in MN. Her photos are phenom and may give you some ideas. There is one with the momma just holding a pair of tiny shoes above her prego belly and it is sooooo cute! Hopefully you can see them. :)