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Friday, July 24, 2009

HMMMM...what a concept

Staying consistent with your healthy food DOES cause a fat loss reaction. Who would have thought. HA Well, after 7 days of good healthy eating and sticking to my plan I am donw 1.8 pounds. WOOT!! From 153.8 as of last Friday to 152 on the dot this Friday.

The weekend is coming up so I am trying to prepare and figure out my plan for weekend food. We might go out for pizza tonight. I had been wanting some but I am SO on a roll right now I am not sure I should step off just yet. I will think about it.

Saturday night we have a get together at our friends house, Tara and Steve. We are all bringing our own meat to grill and a side dish and a portion of the dessert. J and I will bring steaks and then I am bringing corn on the cob and then strawberries for the strawberry short cake. I plan to eat steak, corn, deviled eggs, and most likely a portion of this potato dish that another friend is bringing. If I think I can control my portion size of it then I will eat it and if not the I will stick to the corn. We are also have pasta salad so I might have a bit of that.

Sunday, will be grocery shopping and food prep for my 1st official week of the challenge starting on Monday.

Oh get this, I don't think I shared with you that J is doing the challenge with me. We have a couples edition going on so we are entering that and then I am doing it as an individual also. YEA!!! I have threatened J within an inch of his life that since he committed to this (his idea by the way, I had nothing to do with it, in fact the couples edition was sparked by me asking Corinne if he could participate in the challenge b/c he was interested) he better see it through. I mean the coach and his wife CANNOT LOSE!! We never do anything with the intention of losing. PLAY TO WIN IS ALL WE KNOW!!!!


Teresa said...

I did it, I bought Corinne's book 5 in 45 for beginners. I'm going to give it my all. I hope it doesn't kill me, it looks tough but I'm going to kick myself in the rear to do it all the way through the next 8 weeks. I'm freaking out.

The Lewis's said...

We had a great time Saturday night! That is awesome that you and J are doing the couples challenge together. I know you can win!!!