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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phat Camp ROCKED

Phat Camp with Phit-N-Phat was a womens fitness retreat held in Nashville, TN where the leader of PNP, Corinne, lives. It was SO AWESOME and I am so thankful that I went. It was worth taking time out of my life and my work to do this for myself. I met 29 other fabulous women with the same goal in mind, living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Some of them are towards the end of their goal but not their journey and some of them are just beginning or have been fighting the demons for a long time and were hoping for a renewed sense of enery and focus. I am pretty sure they got it now.

We talked about many things and fighting the "Fat Girl Thinking (FGT)" that a lot of people have and we exercised with intensity and good form and we had a heck of a good time on Saturday night on a party bus and at a bar which even involved dancing on the bar. WOOT!

A few take aways from the weekend for me were:

1) You don't have to go from a big mac to an apple overnight. There are a lot of other healthy options in between that are perfectly fine and you might not even ever get to the apple but choosing a regular burger with no cheese and no mayo and a side salad or a grilled chicken sandwich and then maybe a grilled chicken salad are all tasty and healthy options. It doesn't have to be only an apple. It is NOT all or nothing, go for the in between to make it a true lifestyle and then sometimes eat the big mac if you really want it and sometimes eat the apple if you really want that.

2) HEALTH and just doing things for the reasons of good health should always be your #1 priority and if you are doing that then your body will respond with fat loss. Keep BEING HEALTHY on the forefront of your mind always.

3) CHOICES, it is ALL ABOUT the choices you make. The choice you make to eat the bad food, the better food or the good food and the if you choose to exercise or not.

4) Work to your OWN potential. Don't compare yourself to others and do what YOU can do and push YOURself. You can almost always go harder than you are.

5) INTENSITY and FORM. Do not sacrifice form for more weight and If ANY move feels 'easy'... YOU AIN'T DOING IT RIGHT! PERIOD

It was TRULY a wonderful experience and the people that I met were just so GREAT. I hope to make this a yearly event.


Kelly said...

It sounds like an awesome time! So glad you had fun. :) Feeling motivated to run again? More marathons in the future? hmmm?

Becca said...

Awesome Dawn! I am glad you had such a great time!!! I have never been to a campy type bootcamp but I hope to do one with friends one day!! What an experience!