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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'M BACK with LOTS of pictures from the BEACH

I am back from my FABULOUS vacation to the beach. We had a blast. The girls loved playing with their friends and all of the adults had a great time too. I miss it. I love the atmosphere, the sand between my toes, the constant cool breeze and the relaxation.

Here are pictures from our wonderful trip in in extremely random order:

My Mom and Dad at the Crab Trap for dinner.

The view from our condo.

A storm brewing.

Velvet (my sister) , Mom and Dad.

Lizzie after she got into my lipstick. I thought she was taking a nap but that stinker was getting into my purse. Click on the picture to make it bigger to see it closer up. It is so funny.

Lizzie was so exhausted one night this is how she fell asleep with the baby on her face and the sippy cup by her face. HA

Lizzie at the beach playing in the sand.

My Dad, Lizzie, J and Chloe at the beach.

J and I at the Backporch restaurant.

Velvet and I at the piano bar.

J and I at the piano bar.

Chloe at the beach.

Chloe at the beach again.

Miss blue eyes.

Chloe and Lizzie at the pool.

Brad and J at the piano bar.

Our friends Brad and Amber.

Trianna (our friends 5 year old), Lizzie (2), Trinity (our friends 6 year old) and Chloe (4 1/2). We were walking the beach at almost dark.

Close up of sweet Lizzie

The night we tried to get good family pictures this was one of the few times she would even look close in the direction of the camera. This is through the rails of a stairway.

Sweet Lizzie giving me a hug.

Me and my sweet hubby.

J and I went fishing and this is the Amberjack that he caught.

This is the one I caught. SO MUCH FUN!

My family. J, me, Lizzie, my Dad, my Mom, Chloe and my sister.

Me and Chloe on the beach at night.

J and I love to boogie board, here we are catching some waves.
J and I at the Crab Trap for dinner.

Me and my girls.

Chloe and I at the Crab Trap for dinner.

Chloe sliding at a play ground. She looks so cute in her hat.

Simply precious.


Leigh said...

I see you had a safe trip there and back! You have a beautiful family, and the pics show you had a fabulous time!! Glad you back!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Christina said...

Love, Love, Love your pictures!!! Looks like you had a great time with your family. You are one photogenic lady. You looked relaxed and beautiful in every single picture. *Very Jealous right now* :)

Becca said...

Welcome back!! I loved your pics. It looks like you had a great time. That last pic should be a post-card or an add for a magazine, it is awesome!!

Unfortunately, welcome back to the hustle and bustle of life!I Hope you're refreshed and recharged.

Wess and Kristal said...

GREAT pictures! I just love beach pictures! Of course, I just love the beach :o)
So glad you had a good time! Your family is beautiful!

Brandi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Great pictures! The last one is absolutely adorable!!!

The Lewis's said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I love all of your pictures. I love one of Lizzie falling asleep with the doll on her face:)

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the last one and of course the lipstick shot LOL!