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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 is HERE!

I cannot believe it is 2010. It seems like yesterday we were in the 1990's. Blows me away how fast times goes by. I really don't like it actually. I wish it would slow down but oh well, no control over that. Well, except for the next 23 weeks, I wish that would go by fast so that the competition would be here already, then I want it to slow WAY down. HA

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and enjoyed my 11 days off work. We even got an extra day off yesterday, my work was closed b/c of snow. WOOT WOOT!!

Oh, we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! It was AWESOME!! It started snowing Christmas Eve around 8 PM at night and then by Christmas morning we had about 3-4 inches. LOVED IT!!!

I am glad to get back to my routine though and glad that December has passed and I made it through VERY SUCCESSFULLY with melting 8 pounds of fat!!! OH YEA!! I so did that in the month of DECEMBER PEOPLE!! NEVER SAY NEVER!! That was very empowering and once again I proved to myself what I am capable of when I want something bad enough.

We are less than 23 weeks out from the June 12th competition. The countdown begins b/c as I stated above times flies by and June 12th will be here before I know it. Gotta keep melting the fat consistently with a very clean diet and consistent exercise.

I am proud to report that I am down to 142. My December 1st weight was 150. I actually took a week hiatus, not off the wagon by any means but I did eat a few nibbles of things that I normally don't eat last week. I wanted a mind break for a few days and I got it and now I am FOCUSED. I will have to stay this way for 23 weeks. SHEW!! Day to day though, not thinking that far out b/c as you know it is too overwhelming to think of the amount of exercise I have to do and the food that I cannot eat. I can do it though. I AM READY!!

I am loving the changes I am seeing in my body in just 8 pounds gone and I can't wait to see what another 5 pounds gone will look like on me.

I told my husband this morning I was just glad to have lose pants so that I can wear long johns under my pants to work b/c it is darn cold here. Much colder than usual so for the next few days I will wear long johns on top and bottom so I can stay warmer. As I have lost weight I have found I get colder much eaiser. Not as much insulation I guess. Good problem to have though.


Stacia said...

Congrats on your great job in December!
Happy New Year!

Leigh said...

GREAT POST!! I'm proud of you! I would in no means be in a swimsuit this year.. let alone a bikini! WAY TOGO!! keep it up...

Jen said...

8lbs!! That is AWESOME!

Sarah said...

Wow, really inspiring. Get it girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow...good for you!! I checked out your before and after pics...they are great.

Tricia said...

Great job!

And thank you so much for the sweet comment yesterday.