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Friday, April 2, 2010

10 weeks out!

I am 10 weeks out as of tomorrow from the BIKINI STAGE!!! I knew it would go by fast but it is going by SO MUCH faster than I ever thought it would.
Am I ready for it to get here? YES!!

Am I ready for it to be over with and get back to normal eating and exercise life? DOUBLE YES!

Do I think I am going to make it ? 99% of the time I do, I still have this 1% doubt b/c no matter how much I exercise and how well I stick to my eating plan I have no idea how my body will respond. Remember it was content at 185-210 pounds for 12 years of my life and I cannot predict how it will transform and I have no idea what it will look like 10 weeks from now.

Do I hope I make it? HELL YEA!!! To do ALL of this hard work and sacrifice and not be able to walk on that stage in those stripper heels and a hot bikini would break my heart. To put so much effort into something and then not be able to see it through, well we all know that just SUCKS. Therefore, I will not think about that now. All I am focusing on IS walking across that stage.

I know I have discussed this before but I am going to talk about it again...THE SCALE!!

This is me:
Well this isn't really me but it is how I feel when I get on the scale in the mornings. GEEZ LOUISE is what I am thinking. Yes, for the last several weeks I have let the scale be the determining factor of my success. NOT ANY LONGER! I am stepping away from the scale for days and possibly weeks until I just feel like I have to or my trainer wants a scale report (which he doesn't care about the scale much at all so he will most likely be fine with no report).

It is SO STUPID to let a piece of equipment be the deciding factor on if you are being successful. I can't believe I let it get to me so much but I have and the solution to fix the issue is just not to weigh. The mirror, the clothes, the tape measure and my mind are the deciding factor on if I am doing what I need to do. Not a number on the scale that takes into account, fat, muscle, water, what I just ate, water retention, hormones and the list goes on. I need to quit giving a number on a machine so much power. This vicious cycle is stopping now. WOOT! I feel free!

Speaking of me, here I am for real this morning. Chloe took this picture of me, she loves using the camera now. She almost cut part of my head off and it is a tad blurry and my face is shiny too (girl needs some powder) but this will do. Feeling good in my size 6 jeans. WOOT!

Here are Chloe and Lizzie this morning too. Sweet sisters!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You're gonna rock the bikini and stripper shoes!

Brandi said...

Girl you look amazing! You are going to do this!! I was just told last night throw out my scale! I have let it run me these past few months and I have got to stop. Boo to the scale! :)

Lindsay said...

Toss that darn scale! You look great!

Anonymous said...

I am one of your faithful "blog stalkers" ;) and I am so inspired by how fantastic you look. Your current pictures and the pictures of how you used to look at size 18 and 20 show what hard work and determination can do. You are such an inspiration!!! Keep up the good work. No matter what, YOU ARE A WINNER!!!


Tara said...

You are not alone with the thoughts of "will I make it" I am sure you will and that you will look sensational!! keep on going Dawn.


The Lewis's said...

Looking great Dawn! hey I like your shirt:)