"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The REAL countdown begins

I have changed my countdown strategy to DAYS now instead of weeks. I am 67 days out. SCARY!! That does not seem like very long at all. I am truly just taking it even more day to day now than I was before.

Here is my strategy:
1) stick 100% to the food plan. No waivering, not even 1 extra almond or one extra ounce of this or that.

2) exercise EVERYDAY for 67 more days (unless I am sick of course, can't plan that). By the way in March I exercised 27/31 days. I am pleased with that.

3) STAY POSITIVE! This is key. If my mind gets weak then my body gets weak and it is just a bad situation all around. I CAN DO THIS! I have come so far and changed my body so much, I will see this through until the end.

4) CHILL OUT!! I have got to chill out. This is not life or death. This is a lofty goal that I set for myself and I am well on my way of making it a reality and I can totally do this. I must quit stressing out over this, if my body doesn't transform like I hope and if I were to not make it to the stage it is completley fine, I still have transformed my body in a way I never imagined I would and my vacation will still go on as planned immediately after the competition. Life is GOOD. I need to remember that.

Oh, I am still not weighing. I most likely will weigh on Friday morning before my 2000 calorie food day just for the heck of it but it will NOT SWAY MY POSITIVE ATTITUDE! I AM CHILL!


Becca said...

And don't forget - same thing I told Jes...some of these people you will be up against have been working at this and living this lifestyle for YEARS. Chances of you having yoru dream body your first time around are slim. Heck, I don't even have mine and I've been lifting and dieting for years. You have done an amazing job. Keep it up mama!!

Jessica said...

Ooooooh, Bec is so right! You will be so proud of yourself! And even if your goal is to belong on the stage, not place, as was my plan, it was still heartbreaking to see all these bods look WAY better than mine, even if it was my personal best. BUT, the fact is, they had all been in the gym FOREVER!!! Woot on first times with hot bodies!!