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Thursday, April 8, 2010

64 days and a daughters perspective

9 weeks from TODAY I will be in my car bound for Nashville,TN to meet up with some friends and then head to Chattanooga on Friday morning for the competition. We are really coming down to the wire. I am feeling good about it though. I hope to post some progress pics tomorrow actually. Then I will probably post some in about 2 more weeks then I just might have to make you guys wait until the competition for some more. I have to keep the suspense a little bit to keep things exciting, right?

I have GOT to order my bikini for the comp. I have a few that I want to try to see how they work on my body. Hopefully, one of them will be a keeper.

Exercise has been VERY consistent as well as my food. Tomorrow (Friday) is my high carb and high calorie day. I get to consume 2000 calories and over 250 grams of carbs. Healthy carbs of course but I will be in heaven and my stomach will be big which is why I will take the pics in the morning before I consume these calories/carbs.

You will be glad to know that I have been practicing walking in my shoes. It is NOT easy. I just hope I can look natural in them at some point b/c as of now I just walk funny in them. I have been walking around in the kitchen in them while I cook and my kids think it is so funny.

Oh get this, so Chloe's pre-school teacher said "I hear you are doing a bikini competition." She said Chloe was talking to one of her friends the other day at school and the teacher over heard their conversation it went like this:

Friend: "My Mom and I shared a muffin this morning."

Chloe: "Are you on a diet?" (not sure why she asked this in response to her friend saying she shared a muffin. Also, just for the record, around our house we do use the word diet often just out of habit but it is used in the terms of our diet as in "we eat a healthy diet" and not like "we are on a diet." you get what I am saying? I am NOT a fan of teaching your kid that they need to be on what Americans think of as a diet. ok, onto the rest of my story, I just wanted to clear that up.)

Friend: "I don't know, what is a diet"

Chloe: "When you eat healthy food." (Yea, looks as if we are successful with our definition of a diet, perfect, she gets it)

Friend: "Yea, we are."

Which for some reason leads to Chloe saying: "My Mom is getting ready for a bikini competition and she walks around in her high heel shoes and poses."


A kids perspective. At least she is watching what I do I guess and yes, I do walk around in my high heel shoes and I practice posing. Girls, gotta practice, right?

I told the teacher that Chloe was probably REALLY thinking "My MOM ain't gonna eat NO MUFFIN." HA

Speaking of posing, Chloe has the signature Phit-N-Phat pose down just right, hands on hips and one leg out.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!

I've been eating better in hopes of looking average in a swimsuit! HA! I'm so scared to go try them on - it aint pretty!

Becca said...

OK! OMG! That is too cute Dawn! Yes, I know what you meant about the wording/meaning of 'diet' aroud the kids. Sounds like you are doing a good job.

And, that text you sent me of you in your shoes is now your wallpaper for when you call - your leg in stripper heels pops up. TOO FUNNY! DO IT DAWN!

Tara said...

cute convo with ur daughter and her friend! my kids say the cutest things from time to time about it too. The other day both my girls came out with secret envelopes for me which contained lovely drawings of me on stage with my bikini on, holding a trophy!! i was gobsmacked that they would do that out of the blue, little cuties :o)

I can;t wait to see your progress pics too! have a great weekend. xx

Jessica said...

Too cute! I had a student of mine tell a kid that came in to offer me a cupcake, "She can't have a cupcake, she has a protein shake!" lol KIDS!

The Lewis's said...

oh wow that is too funny...that chloe you can't get anything by her!

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for commenting on my blog just so I could find yours! your story and progress is INCREDIBLE! I cant wait to read more and learn more about you!