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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visited the scale...finallly!

Well, it had been a while since I had weighed so I finally decided to step on the scale the other day and it was up 2 pounds. I am not upset or disappointed or anything though. In fact I am completely fine with it. The last time I weighed several weeks ago it was at 148.4 and then last Friday it was at 150.4.

I am switching my focus and continuing not to weigh very often. Since I am not in fat loss mode and am concentrating on the running and preparing myself and my body for the hard core marathon training that will ramp up in mid-December I just can't let myself get caught up in the number on the scale. Crossing a line of a marathon and checking my weight daily and stressing if it goes up just do not go together. I will have plenty of time, years in fact to tone up and get the fat off after March 15has come and gone. So for now, it is running and fueling my runs so my body can withstand the stress and pressure. I obviously hope to range from 148-153 over the next few months and I really think I will then after this is over IT IS ON with me and the weights and the fat burning!!!


Brandi said...

Yep I visited the scale too! Don't let it bother you right now and take away your concentration on the half then full marathon coming up! :D Like you said, you have plenty of time to focus on all of that after the races! I think once you amp up your mileage anyways, the weight will come off. It has for me so far!

Juli said...

11 miles....WOW!!!!!! That is incredible. I am so proud of you for accomplishing your goals. Keep it up!!

April Elizabeth said...

thank you for your encouragement earlier.

thats so awesome you are training for a marathon. Also good for you, if you are running a marathon its way more important that you nourish your body than worry about weightloss. Dieting plus marathon can equal emergency room. Im so impressed you are doing this, good for you!

Justin and Jenn said...

It IS a small world! Justin remembers your husband! I was like, hey Bo's SIL reads our blog! Small world!