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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am SO MUCH better!

It has taken me some time but I am feeling better. My neck has dramatically improved, my foot seems to be doing o.k. and my congestion is pretty much gone. With these three things on the up and up it just totally changes how I feel and my attitude. I was just in a slump last week b/c my body was feeling so bad.

I have been putting a heating pad on my neck and upper back at night and then massaging it with an electric massager that I have (I love this thing) and then I repeat this process 3 times. A little heat then a little massage.

I continue to do the neti pot once a day and use a nasal spray. I am really hoping these two things each day might fend off sinus issues for a while to keep my nose clear for the runs.

I ran this morning on the TM for 25 minutes and I didn't have any foot pain during the run. I put it in ice water for 5 minutes while I ate my orange this AM and so far no pain but only time will tell how it will do.

I am off work Thursday and Friday and I have big plans to get some things done around the house. I will have to work hard and not much sitting around to make them happen.

My running plan for the rest of the week is:

Thursday - run for 40 minutes
Friday - off
Saturday - run for 70 minutes

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Emi said...

My gosh you are truly amazing, the changes you've made and the loss!!!! OMG! You are my hero.