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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am struggling a little bit here!!! My congestion is slightly better but not great. I do still love my neti pot and I am amazed at what it gets out of my nose. I just wish it would go away completely. My neck is bothering me from dancing and holding my daughter last Saturday night at a wedding. She was a Momma's girl for 3 hours and wanted me to hold her and dance to every song. Although she is only 21 pounds I had to switch her from side to side and I know the strain of that has made me have a crick in my neck. I have been putting a heat pad on it at night for a while and then my husband has been using a massager to massage it. Although it is slightly better it is not completly well. UGH!! THEN, to make matters worse my right foot started bothering me Saturday afternoon after my 10 mile run. I did dance on it Saturday night and I know that really aggravated it then on Sunday it was swollen a tad. I went to the chripractor on Monday and he said it was an inflamed joint and that was fluid around it that was making it swollen. He said I just needed to put both of my feet in ice water after every run even if it was a 3 mile run. So I ran on Tuesday morning 2 miles and iced them and that went fine. Well, as of yesterday it feels like the pain has moved up into my ankle. So now I don't know what to think. It isn't bad just kind of uncomofortable. I just can't win right now.

So of course since I feel so blah and am aching in a few places I am questioning my ability to complete this marathon training. I am not even into the bulk of it yet and I am struggling. I just pray that my body will be able to withstand the pressure. So many other people do it so surely I can. I am just a little bit worried. I have thought about taking off this week and just resting and seeing how that does. Maybe that is what I need to do. I am just learning as I go here so I don't know what is best.

Running is such a mental game and your head can get in the way really easily and I think that is what is happening with me. I am going to have to just sort through this quickly and move on. UGH!!! Just frustrating!


theantijared said...

Great job on your weight loss, and running a marathon is awesome!!!I am losing weight now as well. i am down 193 pounds so far.

Brandi said...

I would say definitely take some time off and rest. That's probably what your body is telling you. You will bounce back. Sometimes that's all you need is a little rest! I had shin splints during my half marathon training and I took a few days off and went back into training stronger than ever!