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Friday, November 21, 2008

Slight improvement

I am slightly better today. YEAH!! I think when you get to not feeling well and then you have a slight injury it just really brings you down. I went back to the chiro yesterday and he did some treatments on my foot and my neck and both feel better today. He suggested I take a few more days off from running to rest my foot and ice it twice a day and then with my neck he said to use bio freeze and also a heating pad at night before bed. I plan to run on Monday or Tuesday and continue to ice my foot throughout the marathon training. He told me this is not a permanent injury by any means but it might continue to bother me slighlty through my running but nothing I shouldn't be able to deal with. So that is good news.

I am actually looking forward to not running a long run this weekend. I will take advantage of my rest so that I will hopefully be able to hit it hard next week. The great thing is this is perfect timing for my half marathon that is in 2 weeks so the next two weeks are taper weeks with less running anyway so it works out perfectly.


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Enjoy the rest! Have you heard anything on Tara?

Teresa said...

Hope your foot gets better quickly.