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Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally FRIDAY!

The family and I are headed out of town for the night and we are looking forward to it. The husband has a fishing tournament on a beautiful lake about 2 hours north of where we live so the girls and I are road tripping with him. He is so excited that we are going and of course kids love to stay in hotels so Chloe can't wait. Tomorrow while he is fishing as long as it isn't raining the girls and I plan to hit an outlet mall. I hope to find some good deals on summer clothes for Chloe. We shall see.

I haven't exercised since I did on Wednesday. UGH! My food is still going GREAT though. I typicaly have a splurge meal each weekend which recently has turned into a splurge weekend so I have fended off splurge meals for a while. I just can't do them right now. They are making me come de-railed so my plan is to have 3-4 small treats through the week and see how that works for me. I need to stay consistent with the food and right now the splurge meal just isn't working for me so I will change it up. So this weekend NO splurge meal. I don't have any treats planned either so I most likely won't have any unless something WORTH IT just presents itself.

Please pray for my families safe travel and good time on our outing.

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Christina said...

Have a wonderful time this weekend. I love the outlet malls!