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Friday, April 24, 2009

Updated goals!

A few months back I said after I did the marathon that I really wanted to do a 5K in under 30 minutes. 29:59 will be perfect. So, I found one in my area really close to my house and it is on May 9th. I thought this is as good of a time as any to try to reach my goal of my sub 30 minute 5K.

Now along with this goal I am working to decrease my body fat which means strength traning and tough circuit workouts. The exercise intensity has to be high and the food has to be clean.

Therefore, I am putting the two together for 3 weeks (Started this week) and I have to work out 6 days per week. So my week looks like this:

Monday - upper body strength training
Tuesday - run - speed training, intervals
Wednesday - off
Thursday - circuit training
Friday - run - 3 miles at a 11 minute pace
Saturday - lower body strength training
Sunday - longer easy run of 4-4.5 miles

Making myself workout 6 days in a week is like pulling teeth. It is not easy. I realized that after I ran the marathon though that I seriously just have NO MORE EXCUSES. If I can run a marathon then if I really want to do something I know that it can be done. I just have to want it bad enough. As good as this is, it is somewhat annoying b/c it is so easy to make excuses and now that I can't make any I have to simply push myself harder. I know it sounds crazy but I think when you haven't done something that really pushed you beyond your limits then you can keep making excuses b/c to be honest you aren't sure if you can do it BUT THEN when you do push yourself and you achieve a goal that you thought was out of reach THEN you KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

So tonight I have my 3 mile run, Saturday morning I will do legs and then Sunday morning I will do a longer run (not bad though).

My food will be clean BUT if I do the run tonight and the legs tomorrow then I am going to splurge slightly on a mini cheese pizza tomorrow for lunch. YUM!! BUT I have to earn it.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Kelly said...

You're amazing. I'm sure you will be able to do it. I still have the goal of running a mrathon somewhere waaayyyy off in the future. :)
Can't wait to hear all about the 5k. :) My daughter signed up for one the same day I think. Need to check. She's 13 and since I joined WW she has lost 17 pounds just by eating better. I've shown her your marathon pictures and I think it kind of inspired her to try running. :D

Christina said...

I have a 5K tomorrow and while I'm not going to make it under 30 minutes, I am aiming for 45 and running the whole way. You are such an encouragement. I can't wait to hear how your 5K goes!!

Jen said...

I cant wait to hear how your 5K goes!! Im sure you will smoke your old time! Very inspiring!