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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our winning blog.

Go here to see the blog that Corinne did about J and I winning the couples challenge. It shows before and after pictures. I hope he doesn't mind that I link this here. Even though he has a ways to go I think making any progress of any type is forward progress and you should be proud of it. I am so proud of him and the eating changes that he has made that I want to show it off so go check out the difference that 20 pounds made on him. I already posted my before/afters so you have seen those.

We are having a GREAT week. I have been in and out b/c my parents (babysitters) are out of town so I have been spending some time with the girls. We have been having fun.

J's 8th grade team won their football game last night. YEA!!! We were so excited. They played really well.

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Becca said...

Dawn, I am sure he doesn't mind! I bet he his happy you are happy to show him off! You both have worked very hard and it's great to share it with friends! Keep it up!