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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Personal Trainer...WOOT WOOT!

If you keep up with me then you might remember in early September I announced here on my blog that I was strongly considering doing a bikini/figure competition in June 2010. Go here to see that blog.

Well ever since then I have struggled a bit with my belief on if I could do it and if I really wanted to put in the time to do it.

My unbelievably supportive husband keeps encouraging me and tells me "you are doing it, I know you want to and if you don't you will always regret it." and he is right.

I had my 35th birthday on October 19th and a few days before that when I was a little down in the dumps and not knowing what to do he informed me that him and my Mom are going to pay for a personal trainer for me to work with. WHAT? I was in tears with excitement and dis-belief. This is just what I need. The food I can do but the exercise I struggle with. The consistent exercise at least. Meeting with someone weekly to push me and for the accountability would just be AWESOME!

J even found one on-line that he thought might be a perfect fit....and I met her today in person and she ABSOLUTELY IS the perfect fit. I knew when she walked in the door at the coffee shop and she reached out to hug me (I am a hugger so I loved that) that she and I would be a perfect match. To top it off she is 37 and the mother of two young kids almost exactly my kids age. GO FIGURE!!

So without hesitation and an hour of talking to her I am starting THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th at 5:30 AM at her in-home gym and I could not be more excited about it.

I will try to post on Friday after my session if I can lift my arms. HA Seriously, I have not worked out hard in several months. This will be an adjustment for me but a welcome one and I truly can't wait for it. I know I will feel GREAT in my mind at least when I leave there. I am raving about her and I haven't even worked out with her yet. I do love her personality though but I might dis-like her at 6:30 AM. HA!

Here she is in action on a youtube video. WOW!! Talk about impressive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndujx-4z0HI
She competes in tri-fitness competitions. Google it if you want to know more b/c I don't know a lot about it.


Brandi said...

That is awesome girl! What a great hubby! You are going to be HOTT!!!! Can't wait to hear how your first session goes!

*Irene* said...

What a great gift, I should hint to my husband that I want a trainer for my next gift. ☺

Lubushoes said...


Jessica said...

Yay Dawn! That's awesome!!

Therese said...

That's soooo exciting!!!! What an awesome gift!!

I am a hugger too. I instantly gravitate to people like that, and have probably freaked out some non-huggers in my time lol ;)

Teresa said...

Yay, Dawn. You have a great and very supportive family. You go get em. I hope she is everything you think she is and more. Good luck luck with your workout.

Tiffa said...

Congrats!! Your husband sound super supportive and sweet! This may be just what you needed to shake things up a little!

Becca said...

AWESOME! I am happy you have taken this step. I cannot wait to see what it brings!!