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Thursday, September 27, 2007

4 days in a row

I am happy to post that I have exercised 4 days in a row. That is Sunday through Wednesday and today is my day of rest. Tomorrow I will do arms and then on Saturday I will do my long run of 4 miles. I have gone 4 miles once before but that was a few weeks ago. I know I can do it I just hope I have a good day and Saturday I have lots of energy. You know some days you can just run or exercise better than other. I just always hope on my long run days that I have a good one.

My eating is going pretty good. I think I need to cut out some of the snacky type food like the popcorn 100 cal packs or the fiber one bars. Although, they are not bad for you they are still just snacky and have sugars in them and such. I need to keep those to just 2 or 3 times a week instead of every day I think. I will just replace those with fruits and veggies instead.

J has a football game tonight. The team they are playing is pretty tough so I just don't know how it will go. J's team hasn't been doing too good but maybe they will have a good week this week. We shall wait and see.

It is almost time to get off work YEAH!!! Have a nice evening.

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